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Product Highlight: Westex Multi-Layer Ironing Board Covers

by Mitchell Chitiz

We recently published our guide to the best ironing board covers on the market - if you haven’t yet, be sure to read it after this. Now, we’d like to take a moment to share a few favourites from our product line, as well as discuss the features and benefits of high-quality ironing board covers.


Features of Wholesale Ironing Board Covers by Westex



One of the most important features of an ironing board cover is its anti-slip properties. While most may not consider ironing a dangerous task, there’s a level of risk when performing any household duty that involves high levels of heat. 

Ironing can be quite risky without the proper equipment. Our high-quality ironing board covers feature anti-slip fabric that prevents a cover from sliding against the ironing board and creating a hazard. Additionally, it features a click-to-close fastener that holds the cover securely in place while ironing. This means there is no risk of movement. When purchasing a decorative ironing board cover, be sure to choose one with anti-slip properties.


Heat Reflection

Heat reflection is another important feature of our wholesale ironing board covers. Heat reflection properties protect your ironing board from absorbing or making contact with high levels of heat, which can break it down over time. 

A high-end ironing board cover will protect your ironing board from wear and tear associated with heat seeping through the fabric and into the ironing board itself.



In order to achieve a seamless iron, free of wrinkles, consumers will need an ironing board cover that boasts anti-wrinkle properties. This is especially important for delicate items and business professional attire. Our decorative ironing board covers are made of multi-layer, thick fabric that creates a smooth surface for wrinkle-free ironing. They are a must-have for any laundry room.


Infographic showing the water-resistant technology used in Westex's ironing board covers


Added Benefits of Westex Decorative Ironing Board Covers


Stain Resistant

When ironing clean laundry, you may not consider the possibility of staining your decorative ironing board cover. However, steam and heat stains can be quite unsightly and impossible to remove once they set in. 

Fortunately, Westex’s range of wholesale ironing board covers is both heat and stain-resistant, meaning customers won’t have to worry about ruining their gorgeous cover or ironing board.



When working with steam-powered irons, there’s a high level of moisture that can become trapped between the ironing board cover and the board itself. This moisture will create mildew and can start to produce various odours and bacteria. 

Additionally, sometimes when filling up your iron water can accidentally spill on the ironing board cover. If the cover is water-resistant, the water will bead and stay on the surface allowing you to easily wipe it off. Other non-water-resistant covers, however, will absorb the water and cause your clothes to become damp while ironing.

The best way to protect an ironing board (and clothing) from moisture build-up is to invest in an ironing board cover that’s water-resistant. All Westex wholesale ironing board covers are water-resistant, preventing water damage and moisture build-up on ironing boards.


Elevated Aesthetic Design

The most obvious benefit to a decorative ironing board cover is the elevated aesthetic. Our high-end ironing boards and covers are designed with modern homes in mind, saving your customer’s laundry room from an outdated pattern. 

Like many of our other products, our ironing board covers come in a variety of prints, colours, and patterns, ensuring a flawless match to any home décor.


Top Wholesale Ironing Boards and Covers by Westex


Westex Supreme Triple Layer Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover

This high-end decorative ironing board cover features three layers of foam and fabric padding, offering a smooth ironing surface. The outermost layer features a water and stain-resistant fabric, guaranteed to keep the ironing board cover looking fresh for years to come. 

This triple-layer ironing board cover also includes under-the-board click-to-close fasteners that prevent movement during ironing, and a thick fully elasticized skirt for a perfect fit.


Westex's four-layer ironing board cover

Westex 4-Layer Ultra Supreme Thick Ironing Board Cover & Pad

If you’re in need of an extra layer of protection, we recommend this highly-reviewed decorative ironing board cover. This ironing board cover is made of a thick 4-layer construction for added durability and is treated to repel water and stains for easy cleaning. The elegant poppy design suits both vintage and modern home décor.


Westex's triple-layer ironing board cover

Westex 3-Layer Ironing Board Cover

This triple-layer ironing board cover features an all-in-one design that proves remarkably sturdy. Available through multiple retailers, this ironing pad is wrapped in a beautiful cover that is both water and stain-resistant. The 2” elasticized skirt is tailored for the perfect fit of any standard ironing board, and also features a click-to-close fastener for added stability. 

If you’d like to learn more about the laundry solutions offered by Westex, or any of our other quality home products, contact us online today.