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Your Guide to the Best Ironing Board Covers on the Market

by Mitchell Chitiz

Give Your Ironing Board a Treat of a Great Cover

While investing in a high-quality ironing board is certainly important, so is choosing an ironing board cover that provides great padding, heat-resistance, and anti-slip properties. After all, a great quality cover for your ironing board is key to getting good results.

Board covers are more than just a pretty design - they also provide necessary functionalities that help to ensure your laundry stays crease-free after ironing. Unsure of what to look for when buying the right ironing accessories? You are in the right place.

Below, we will walk you through what to look for in your search for the best ironing board covers on the market and which covers are our favourites. Ready to give your ironing board the gift of a great cover? Great, let’s get started.


What Difference Can a Great-Quality Ironing Board Cover Make to Your Laundry?

Many people can be skeptical about how much of a difference a quality ironing board cover can actually have when ironing. This is understandable but there are many clear signs that show just how impactful it can be.

Without a cover, you will undoubtedly experience misfortunes such as your clothing getting scorched, your ironing board not lasting as long, and the process of ironing taking longer and being difficult. By introducing a poorly designed and manufactured cover into your ironing routine, you can expect some of these mishaps to be avoided but not all.

So, what exactly can a high-quality ironing board cover help you achieve? A well-made ironing board cover can mean the difference between wrinkled and wrinkle-free clothing. As we mentioned before in a previous post, no matter how much you have perfected your ironing techniques over the years if your ironing board cover is cheaply made it won’t do the job.

High-quality ironing board covers provide necessary key ingredients to make ironing hassle-free; these are the easy transfer of heat and steam. When ironing board covers feature a good level of padding, are smooth, and offer non-stick and reflective surfaces they can cut your time spent ironing by more than half. Not to mention leaving your clothes looking crisp and brand new.


A woman ironing a shirt


What to Keep in Mind When Buying an Ironing Board Cover

Now that you understand the difference a great-quality cover makes, let’s look at what factors you need to consider when buying one.


Type and Size of Ironing Board You Have

First, you need to be aware of the kind of ironing board that you have. Depending on whether you have a compact ironing board, a folding ironing board, or an extra-large ironing board the size and type of the cover needed will vary.

Measure your ironing board and note down its dimensions. This will help you decide on whether you need a regular, standard sized cover, or a custom-sized one.


Heat Reflection Properties

A cover that offers heat reflection properties will maintain your ironing board for longer and will make pressing your clothing items easier. By reflecting the heat back, the ironing board itself won’t be directly exposed and the clothing fabric will be able to absorb the heat and steam better in order to remove wrinkles faster.


Anti-Slip Abilities

Ironing is often a task that is carried out at a frantic pace. For that reason, buying an ironing board cover that offers anti-slip qualities is vital. Ironing board covers that offer an anti-slip design ensure that covers will stay firmly in place on the board irrespective of what speed you are ironing at.

Rather than struggling against a cover that moves when your iron does, make sure to filter potential board covers by their anti-slip properties.


Ironing Board Cover Design

Ironing board covers have certainly come a long way since the days of the bland, solid-colour covers that our grandparents used to own back in the early 1980s. These days you can pick and choose ironing board cover designs based on your mood, personality, hobbies, and your home interior design scheme.

While the design certainly won’t make a difference in how effective your ironing experience will be, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose an ironing board cover that is stylish and fashionable. Whether you are looking for a solid colour that matches the neutral colours of your laundry space or a fun pattern that will put a smile on your face when you’re ironing, there are plenty of options available on the market.


Best Ironing Board Covers You Should Be Adding to Your Laundry Space

Here at Westex, we are in the market of providing high-quality ironing solutions that will make this household chore a task to enjoy. Unsure of which type of cover to choose? We can help you with that. Browse a selection of our cotton and heat resistant covers that provide extra grip and anti-slip properties below.


Westex 4 Layer Ultra Supreme Thick Ironing Board Cover


Westex 4-Layer Ultra Supreme Thick Ironing Board Cover & Pad


This premium 4-layer ironing board cover provides excellent durability thanks to its thick pad wrapped in a beautiful pattern. Featuring a 2-inch elasticated fitted skirt, it is designed to fit perfectly on all standard ironing boards and will ensure that there is no movement while ironing. The cover’s surface is treated to be both stain and water-resistant, while adequately reflecting heat and steam to help you iron with ease. 


Westex triple layer deluxe extra thick ironing board


Westex Triple Layer Deluxe Extra-Thick Ironing Board & Pad


This 100% cotton board cover offers a triple layer construction - two layers of fiber and one layer of foam - to provide an extra-thick pad for maximum durability and easy ironing. Designed to fit all standard boards, you will receive a cover that is treated to be stain-resistant, has a thick elasticized skirt, and offers click-to-close fasteners to ensure no shift when in use.


Westex compact ironing board


Westex Compact Ironing Board Cover


This all-in-one ironing board is designed especially for those boards that cater better to smaller spaces. Offering a triple-layer construction, this cover will fit compact ironing boards (13x36 inch boards). Featuring all the same benefits of our standard versions, this ironing board cover will revitalize the ironing experience by providing heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and extra grip qualities.


Westex Platinum Series European ironing board cover


Westex Platinum Series European Ironing Board Cover


This one-of-a-kind ironing board cover provides the ultimate ironing experience. This platinum series cover is designed with 100% cotton and foam-fiber padding, fits the majority of standard size boards, and offers a Turbo-Glide™ strip for easy, resistance-free ironing. This cover is a best-seller, especially in Northern Europe.


Westex Laundry Solutions: Providing High-Quality Ironing Accessories

As a manufacturer of high-quality laundry solutions, we take pride in providing individuals with laundry accessories that are durable, affordable, functional, and stylish. Our family-owned business has a state-of-the-art facility where we can produce and store over 500,000 units of product at any given time.

We proudly distribute our products to a range of large-scale retailers across North America including Wayfair, HomeSense, Hudson’s Bay and more. If you are interested in purchasing our products in bulk, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist in any queries you may have.