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The Best Type of Ironing Board to Remove Wrinkles Without Hassle

by Mitchell Chitiz

It’s been said that “ironing” is one of the most important “adulting” skills everyone should master sooner or later. Understandably, it might seem passé. Nevertheless, a crisp, wrinkle-free shirt commands respect no matter where you go or who you are.

Now, wrinkles can be hard to remove depending on how you go about removing them, which can make the task frustrating. However, having the right ironing board can make it a lot easier to remove those pesky wrinkles from your clothes.


Understanding How Ironing Works to Pick the Best Board

Uncovering the inner workings of ironing, as inconsequential as it might seem, will help you choose a better ironing board.

An ironing board is supposed to heat up well enough so that its hotter surface allows your fabrics to dry more quickly. This allows for faster and easier ironing, and that allows you to put these items away immediately.

A good ironing board also has a breathable surface and prevents items on the board from moving around too much. The more secure these items are, the less likely they are to form additional wrinkles (which would take more time and effort to get rid of).

Additionally, an ironing board with a more breathable surface allows steam to reach deeper into the fabric of your clothing. This eliminates the excess steam, leaving the board dry, which is essential for keeping your items secure and wrinkle-free.


Poor Quality Ironing Boards Don’t Measure Up

Cheap or poorly constructed ironing boards simply don’t offer the benefits mentioned above. They might not transfer heat with the same efficiency that a higher-quality board does, meaning that your ironing will be slower and more difficult.

Their surfaces also tend to be less breathable and that further reduces the amount of heat that gets transferred from the iron to your clothing. Ultimately, a cheaply-constructed board results in less effective ironing. And that’s where you get the frustrating conundrum of spending more time ironing while getting rid of fewer wrinkles.


Your Ironing Board Fix

If you want to start ironing more but spend less time ironing, then make sure to invest in a good board. With a higher quality ironing board, you will have a better transfer of heat and steam from your iron to your clothing, which will help you iron your clothes faster and easier. We produce high-quality ironing boards that facilitate more effective ironing.


Our Recommended Ironing Board: Westex European Designed Platinum Ironing Board

We have a broad line of ironing boards that will appeal to virtually anyone who has a daily practice of ironing their clothes. However, we highly recommend this European-designed platinum ironing board as an ideal choice for your ironing.


European-designed platinum ironing board


First off, its surface is coated for heat, steam, and water repellency, meaning that you will get more than enough heat for your clothes without it burning your fabrics. 

The ironing board cover features a turbo-glide strip for less resistance, allowing your iron to move easily along your items. Its thick-gauge steel frame and wide leg span offer additional stability, so that the board doesn't shift while you're ironing. 

Apart from its functionality, this ironing board comes with a cover that is manufactured in Europe and features a simple, yet artsy design pattern.


The Right Ironing Board = Less Frustration

Many people feel that ironing is a waste of time because they can’t get rid of the wrinkles or that if they do, the wrinkles will simply return. But the problem usually boils down to a poor choice of ironing board. By simply choosing the right one, many of these folks will find their ironing sessions far more productive and dare we say...enjoyable?

With that said, poor ironing technique can also contribute to the formation of hard-to-remove wrinkles. In an upcoming post, we will discuss some techniques and practices to help you get wrinkles out of clothes in no time.