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Compact Ironing Boards: What are the Benefits of Owning One?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Ironing boards are a staple in every home, whether you’re a businessperson who travels regularly for work or you work from home. A quality ironing board can make a huge difference in your appearance and your laundry routine. But what if you live in a small apartment or have limited storage space?

The worst thing about ironing boards is their size. They can be clunky and unsightly, especially if they aren’t collapsible. If you have a small apartment, you’ll want to make sure you buy an ironing board to match. You want an ironing board that carries the same style from your wardrobe to your home, while being compact and easily tucked away. 

If you have a small laundry space, or simply want an ironing board that can be stored out of sight, you should get a compact ironing board.


Benefits of a Compact Ironing Board

The benefits of compact ironing boards are plentiful. Like other home appliances, their compact build was intentionally designed to suit any living space. Even if you live in a studio apartment with no closet-space, the perfect compact ironing board can work wonders on your wardrobe.

Here are some of the main benefits of buying a compact ironing board:


  • Size: As the name suggests, compact ironing boards are smaller than average. They are specifically designed for function and versatility in any space. Their small frame is perfect for tight laundry spaces and studio apartments.
  • Style: Compact laundry boards often come in a chic design and are built to fit any home decor. If you want to spruce them up, you can always add a bright ironing board cover.
  • Convenience: Small ironing boards are incredibly convenient. The ability to pull them out and tuck them away quickly makes them perfect for any home. Their lightweight build lends to that convenience as well.
  • Sturdiness: While they may be small, compact ironing boards are still sturdy. A high-quality compact ironing board should feel just as strong as a regular-sized one. Any ironing board, regardless of size, should be purchased from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Adjustability: As we mentioned previously, compact ironing boards are often foldable and easy to store in small spaces. Some even include height adjustment for a more comfortable experience.
  • Cost: Due to their size and use of less materials, compact ironing boards are often more affordable than a large one. This makes them more accessible to the average person and a great option for any home.


Westex compact ironing board

How to Buy the Best Small Ironing Board

When shopping for a small ironing board, there are a few things to keep in mind. In addition to the features we listed above, you should add these next points to your ironing board checklist.

Before making your purchase, confirm that the small ironing board matches your criteria and needs:


  • Measurements: Always check the measurements before making your purchase. While compact ironing boards are smaller than average, you should make sure you know the exact dimensions of the ironing board before buying. This is especially important when purchasing ironing boards online. We suggest measuring your laundry space, or where you intend to store the ironing board, to make sure it will fit.
  • Accessibility and storage features: If you need a compact ironing board that can fold up, make sure that function is listed in the description. Double-check that the ironing board includes your required accessibility and storage features before purchasing!
  • Safety locks: If you have small children or pets, make sure your compact ironing board comes with safety locks. While these may seem like obvious features, they’re not always included.
  • Reputable manufacturer: You should always purchase home appliances from reputable manufacturers. This is especially important when it comes to potential safety risks. Using an ironing board requires electricity and extreme heat. Make sure you’re purchasing products from a brand you trust that has good safety ratings.
  • Warranties: In addition to purchasing from a reputable brand, make sure your ironing board includes a warranty. This will cover any manufacturer defects or potential safety issues. Warranties are a good indication of a quality product!
  • Reviews: Read reviews of the compact ironing board you’re interested in! Customer reviews are the easiest way to see if a product is worth buying. Make sure the ironing board you’d like to buy has good reviews.
  • Extras and add-ons: Some ironing boards will come with extras or add-ons, like iron rests and removable covers. If that’s important to you, look for package deals that include them.


2-in-1 Steamer Pads and Ironing Blankets

For those who want to iron on-the-go or simply require a portable ironing solution, we recommend our 2-in-1 Hanging Steamer Pads and Ironing Blanket. These ironing blankets are portable and can be used on any surface. Whether you’re traveling for work or live in a studio apartment, this product is the perfect solution for small laundry spaces.

Our ironing blankets feature an extra layer of steam and heat protection for added durability. They also include a silicone textured base to prevent the pad from slipping, creating a seamless ironing experience. Their compact design makes them the smallest ironing surface available, and the only style that can hang from virtually any surface. You can iron at the hotel or even in the office!

In addition to being versatile and portable, our steamer pads are incredibly affordable. You can purchase our highly-rated portable steamer pad on Amazon for less than half the price of a compact ironing board. That’s why this solution is excellent for anyone on a budget or those new to ironing.


Westex small ironing boards


Compact Ironing Boards by Westex 

At Westex, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality products for all solutions. Our Laundry Solutions line includes a variety of products, ranging from velvet non-slip hangers to European Designed Platinum Ironing Boards.  

If you’re shopping for a small ironing board, we recommend visiting our brand on Amazon. Our Compact Damask Ironing Board features an easy-to-use height adjustment paddle with leg locking devices. This board includes an ultra-thick foam pad with a fashionable cover, as well as a large iron rest with extra hanger space. Additionally, if you’re concerned about build quality, rest easy knowing that our compact ironing board is built with thick steel legs for exceptional stability. 

If you’re interested in another style, we also offer a Blue Stripe Compact Ironing Board. This design inspires a nautical theme and would make a great addition to any household. This compact ironing board features the same design as the Damask Compact Ironing Board, making it an excellent choice for any laundry space. 

If you’d like to learn more about why you should invest in a high-quality ironing board, you can read about it on our blog. This article includes a breakdown of all the tips and tricks to choosing the perfect ironing board for your home.