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Ironing Boards: What’s the Best Way to Maintain Them?

by Mitchell Chitiz

As we all know, wearing clothes that are freshly ironed can make a great impression on others. However, your clothes will only look well maintained if your ironing board is kept in great condition. When ironing boards are taken care of correctly, they will keep your clothes looking brand-new, and will make ironing feel effortless.

Whatever your ironing style - whether you press every single piece of clothing or take a more relaxed approach when it comes to ridding your clothes of wrinkles - you need to look after the surface you iron on. In this article, we will discuss how to store them, provide ironing board cleaning tips, and list our favourite ironing boards.


Maintaining an Ironing Board: How is This Achieved?

An ironing board should never be bought and left forgotten in a dark storage cupboard. It also shouldn’t only be thought of when a shirt needs ironing. These laundry products are investment pieces for your home and can last for years with some TLC.

Unfortunately, ironing boards are often left overlooked when it comes to maintaining and cleaning. In fact, this chore often never makes it on to the to-do lists of households in North America. While an ironing board is susceptible to a little bit of wear and tear over time, it should never get to the point where it is showing visible signs of stains, or even worse, rust.

If you have been neglecting your ironing board for far too long now is the time to stop. Below, we will walk you through the right ways to maintain your ironing board.


The Best Way to Store an Ironing Board

We understand that finding the perfect place to store this bulky laundry item may be a little tricky - especially if you live in a smaller apartment or condo. However, storing it correctly will not only reduce the likelihood of you tripping over it but, it also makes sure that it is kept dry and safe.

Depending on the size of your ironing board and your storage space, you may need to get a little creative when it comes to storing it.

The most common, and in our opinion, the best space-saving method, is to mount boards on a wall or hang it on a door. As these items need to be easily accessible, using an over-the-door hook or a wall mount means you can easily take it down when you need, and safely hide it away when you don’t.

In many apartments and houses, there will be a gap between the wall and a washer/dryer. This unused space is the perfect spot to store an upright ironing board, however, you will have to keep an eye on how hot your appliances get because this could become a fire hazard. 

Ironing may seem like a chore but storing this laundry product should never be.  


How to Clean an Ironing Board

Now that we’ve looked at storage solutions, let’s talk about the right way to keep an ironing board clean.

You may already give your iron a clean on a regular basis, but it might not cross your mind to clean your board as well. The good news is that keeping your ironing board clean is simple and will only take a few minutes, especially if you follow our top tips:


  1. Set up the ironing board as usual.
  2. Remove the ironing board cover.
  3. Using a damp cloth, wipe the board down and make sure to wipe down the legs too.
  4. Check under the board while cleaning for spiderwebs and other dirt.


BONUS CLEANING TIP: Remember, that cleaning your ironing board cover is just as important as the ironing board itself. For those that are machine washable, put them in your washer on a delicate cycle. In the case that the cover is not machine-friendly, spot clean any soiled areas Looking for a no-fuss, stain-resistant ironing board cover? Westex’s Deluxe Triple Layer Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover sounds perfect for your needs.


Which Type of Ironing Boards Should You Buy?

Here at Westex, we are in the market of providing laundry solutions that will make ironing feel more like a pleasant experience. Unsure of which type of ironing board to choose? We can help you with that. Browse our selection of durable and reliable ironing boards below.

Westex Compact Damask Ironing Board



Westex Compact Damask Ironing Board

With an ultra-thick foam pad and a beautifully designed ironing board cover, the compact Damask ironing board can be used straight out of the package. This ironing board has many beneficial features such as a height-adjustable paddle, a sturdy steel frame for superb stability, and a polypropylene top that allows for optimal venting capabilities.

Another great aspect that’s worth mentioning is its size. Standing at 13-inches by 36-inches, this board is suitable for even the smallest of spaces.


Westex European Design Platinum Ironing Board




Westex European Design Platinum Ironing Board

The Westex European Platinum ironing board offers superior safety features to ensure peace of mind while ironing. The board’s patented child-lock system makes sure that the board cannot be easily disengaged or collapse without the proper application. Its extra-wide leg span and rubber foot caps keep the board from slipping on any surface.

Additional features you can expect include a coated ironing surface for heat, stain and water resistance, a Turbo-Glide® strip for resistance-free ironing and a fibreglass iron rest area with no-burn technology.

Westex 2-in-1 Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket


Westex 2-in-1 Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket

While not an ironing board in the traditional sense, the Westex 2-in-1 Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket is a great alternative for those who don’t have the storage space in their homes for a compact or standard-sized ironing board. With an innovative, multi-layer design, this laundry solution allows you to turn any surface or door into an ironing station.

A specially-designed barrier layer reflects the steam and heat back on to your clothes which speeds up the steaming and ironing process. This both saves time and protects the surface while you’re ironing. The silicone-textured base prevents it from slipping and sliding around while you iron and steam. Our 2-in-1 Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket comes in a variety of so that you can add a pop of colour to your ironing routine.


A Maintained Ironing Board is a Quality Board 

Ironing on a well-maintained, quality ironing board can shorten your ironing time and make this task feel like much less of a chore. Purchasing laundry equipment is an investment - not only for your home but also for your clothes, so, maintaining your board by cleaning it and protecting it is vital and will make your ironing experience pain-free.