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Why You Should Invest in a High-Quality Ironing Board

by Mitchell Chitiz

Investing in a high-quality ironing board is like investing in any home appliance. You want to make sure that the products you’re buying are worth the money and will last for years.

Buying a high-caliber ironing board will change the way you do your laundry and add a layer of class to your wardrobe. Clean, crisp clothes mean everything to the office, social events, and even your Monday morning Zoom meeting. Stand out above the rest and let’s take your laundry game to the next level with this top laundry accessory.


The Benefits of High-Quality Ironing Boards

The benefits of using a well-built ironing board are noticeable immediately. Using a quality ironing board will add a dash of class to any laundry room. Here are some of the main benefits of using a high-quality ironing board.


Person ironing on a quality ironing board 

Ironing Board Quality and Safety

Not all ironing boards are cut from the same cloth. Buying the best ironing boards means paying for quality construction. While they might not be as affordable as standard ironing boards, high-quality ironing boards make up for it by being sturdy, reliable, and safe to use.

A trustworthy ironing board will have a sturdy build and feel strong to the touch. You apply pressure to the board as you iron, which means it’s incredibly important that the board can support your weight. High-quality ironing boards are made of better materials than cheaper ironing boards, making them more suitable and safe for your home.

Many premium ironing boards also come with safety features, like locking systems and child locks. These safety features make a world of difference, especially for those with young children.


Ironing Board Design and Durability

High-quality ironing boards feature superior design and durability. Careful thought has been put into the construction of these laundry accessories, which makes them more suitable for everyday ironing. These details will transform your ironing game.

Here are some design aspects you won’t find on cheap ironing boards:

  • Durable build: you won’t have to repurchase another ironing board for many years.
  • Compact designs: most will come with a folding design that allows the board to be stored in small spaces.
  • Quiet construction: a good ironing board won’t squeak and creak during use.
  • Ergonomic design: the finest boards feature ergonomic designs, which can help eliminate wrist strain.
  • Adjustable height: this is a feature you surely won’t find on cheap ironing boards. Many first-rate ironing boards will have an adjustable height system, making them a much more versatile purchase.
  • Improved steam flow: this prevents steam from damaging your clothes.
  • Reputable brands and warranties: high-quality ironing boards made by reputable brands will offer replacement or exchange warranties.


Woman ironing a pink shirt

Other Benefits of a High-Quality Ironing Board

Not only are high-quality ironing boards safer and built better than cheap ones, they also make ironing easier.

Quality ironing boards offer a larger and better surface area to work with, which makes ironing large items a breeze. Additionally, their smooth surface is proven to show better results, as well as improve speed and accuracy when ironing, which can cut your laundry time in half! They’re also easier to maintain with simple care instructions.


Person in a green dress holding an iron

How to Buy a High-Quality Ironing Board Online

Online shopping can seem tricky, especially when you’re purchasing an item you’ve never used before. Fortunately, we have an easy-to-use guide on how to buy ironing boards online and where you can find them.

There are five main considerations when buying an ironing board:

  1. Size and Style: check the dimensions of the ironing board, and make sure it’s the right size for your needs. You will also need to make sure you choose the right style of ironing board. Do you want a full-sized, wall-mounted, or tabletop ironing board?
  2. Build and Sturdiness: check the build of the ironing board you want to buy. Are the materials sturdy? Read the reviews for complaints or praise on the build quality of the ironing board.
  3. Cover Material: the cover material of your ironing board will drastically change your ironing experience. Make sure the cover material is of superior quality or see if the ironing board comes with removable covers.
  4. Adjustability: the best ironing boards are adjustable. This is a staple feature for quality ironing boards. Be sure to check that you can adjust the height of your board before buying. Alternatively, if you don’t want an adjustable board, look for one without!
  5. Safety Features: as we mentioned above, there are a few safety features you should look for when buying a high-quality ironing board. Safety locks, child locks, and an iron rest. Safety locks and child locks can be different. So, be sure to check which feature your ironing board has. An iron rest will help keep your iron still and stop the cables from tangling.

In addition to these five considerations, you should also make sure you buy your ironing board from a reputable and well-reviewed company. Read the product and company’s reviews, both positive and negative, to see what the overall consensus is.

This is also a great way to see if the brand has good customer service skills. Read the brand’s responses and make note if they solved the customers’ issues or not. A quality ironing board purchased from a reputable manufacturer will also come with a warranty.


Where to Buy Ironing Boards Online

Once you’ve decided which ironing board is right for you, you can check out these websites to buy ironing boards online.

We recommend starting with Amazon or Wayfair. Amazon and Wayfair offer a wide variety of top-notch ironing boards, as well as reasonable shipping prices. If you live in Canada, we also recommend checking online stores like Rona, Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware.

Other online retailers, like BestBuy, also have a surprising selection of ironing boards and ironing covers, including our popular Laundry Solutions Poppy Ironing Board Cover.


Westex poppy ironing board cover

The Best Ironing Boards

The best ironing boards will have a few key features that set them above the rest. These usually include added accessories, ironing board covers, and hundreds of positive reviews. Look for ironing boards that include:

  • Removable cover: at minimum, one removable machine-washable cover.
  • Accessories: some include towels, cable management, etc.
  • Additional covers: different patterns, styles, etc.
  • Positive reviews: reviews that include a detailed description of the customer’s experience with the ironing board.

After all is said and done, finding the right high-quality ironing board for your needs is going to involve a level of trial and error. This is another reason why it’s important to purchase from a reputable manufacturer that includes a warranty or satisfaction guarantee.


Laundry Solutions by Westex

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