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mattress with pad protector

Pads and Protectors

All of our protectors provide barriers to dust mites, dirt, stains and bacteria, however our wide range of mattress pads and pillow protectors provide different benefits depending on your sleep needs

Instantly upgrade
your mattress or pillow

Sleep with peace of mind,
extra comfort and protection

Carbon Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Daily interactions with electronics generate stress throughout the body by way of static electricity. This can disrupt our sleep by reducing melatonin at night. Anti-Static, carbon infused fibers neutralize this static electricity, providing relaxation and a better night’s sleep. Anti-static technology, reduce stress, calming and relaxing sleep

Bamboo Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Bamboo grows in diverse climates and does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Being a renewable and quickly replenishable source of material, bamboo is a wonderfully green and long-lasting option for bedding. sustainable, eco-friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, naturally soft

2-Pack Pillow Protectors and Quilted Mattress Pad

Cotton pillow protector provides a barrier to dust and bacteria. Stain-resistant, zipper closure, machine washable, 100% cotton. Luxurious premium quality cotton sateen mattress pad. Cozy comfort with protection against allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. 6” diamond quilting with polyester fill, fits mattresses up to 16” deep, stain resistant, machine washable, 100% cotton


Luxury Down Top Featherbeds and Microgel mattress Pads