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Top Things to Look For in a Wholesale Bedding Distributor

by Mitchell Chitiz

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Bedding Distributor

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key factors you should look for when partnering with a wholesale bedding distributor. From customer service skills to working with authentic Down manufacturers, we outline some of the most important steps to finding the perfect supplier for your retail store. 


Choosing a Wholesale Bedding Manufacturer

Deciding which wholesale bedding distributor to partner with is similar to most business partnerships. There are a few key aspects to any mutually beneficial business relationship that cannot be overlooked. In order to develop healthy business practices, and work with manufacturers that exemplify those behaviours, you must do your due diligence before settling on a wholesale bedding distributor.

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding which wholesale bedding manufacturer you’d like to work with.


Brand Awareness and Reputation

Brand awareness and reputation are invaluable to any retailer or manufacturer. Before deciding which distributor to work with, research their reputation. Read reviews for their products from multiple sources - other retailers, direct purchasing, review websites - and make sure the average response is pleasant.

If the wholesale bedding company you’d like to work with has positive reviews, and an overall pleasant relationship with their clients and customers, you can move on to the next step!


Fabrics in different textures and colours


Design and Accessibility Range

Another important aspect to keep in mind when partnering with a wholesale bedding distributor is how accessible their product range is. By accessible, we mean both price range and design. There should be a product suited for each one of your key customer demographics. If your client base ranges from everyday to luxury, you’ll need to make sure the manufacturer has products within those ranges. 

This also extends from finding a price point that’s ideal for your customer base to making sure the price point works for your business as well. Sourcing from a solely high-end distributor could be quite costly, with little return on investment. 

In addition to price, make sure the wholesale bedding distributor you want to partner with has a decent range of designs. Ask yourself: will this supplier suit all of my customers’ needs? How many pillow or duvet designs do they make and are they functional? Any manufacturer you work with should have a variety of designs and styles to choose from, especially if your customer base is diverse.


Customer Service

In addition to the positive customer service reviews we mentioned, you should also research customer service reviews from other retailers as well. What is it like to work with this manufacturer? How do they handle difficult situations? Are they flexible with inventory and shipping, or will you need to have a strict ordering schedule?

We suggest doing this research before selecting wholesale bedding distributors for consideration to save yourself time on lengthy negotiations. Additionally, we suggest connecting with other retailers to ask about their personal experiences with the brand as well. There’s no harm in having as much information as possible, especially when making such an important business decision!


Woman and a dog in bed


Sustainable Wholesale Bedding Distributors

If you’re interested in partnering with a sustainable wholesale bedding distributor, there are a few additional boxes to check. Working with sustainable manufacturers is beneficial, not only to the planet, but to your business. Many client and customer bases have joined the sustainability movement worldwide. By working with a known sustainable manufacturer, you are more likely to create a positive brand association and attract clients who respect sustainable business practices. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering partnering with a sustainable wholesale bedding distributor.


Down and Down-Alternative Wholesale Bedding

If you’re interested in selling high-quality products and want to offer cruelty-free solutions, we suggest working with a manufacturer that makes Down and Down-Alternative bedding

Down and feather products are a great example of a sustainable bedding choice. These products are sourced using ethical and sustainable means to create luxurious and long-lasting bedding items that are loved by customers all over the world. Down-Alternative products, on the other hand, use sustainably sourced materials like organic cotton, bamboo, recycled microgel, and linen. 

By offering both Down and Down-Alternative bedding, your wholesale bedding distributor is helping promote sustainable practices and supply your customers with a variety of choices.


Recycled Down Wholesale Bedding

In addition to offering Down-Alternative products, you may want to work with a distributor who manufactures Recycled Down products. Recycled Down is sourced from discarded Down products and put through a rigorous sterilization process before being used to create duvets and pillows. 

This practice helps eliminate waste build-up in landfills and reduces the quantity of virgin Down needed for production. By partnering with a distributor who offers Recycled Down bedding, you are helping the planet and supporting eco-conscious marketing.


DOWNMARK certification tag on a Westex duvet


DOWNMARK® Certification and Authentic Down Products

The most important step in sourcing a wholesale Down bedding distributor is to ensure they are DOWNMARK® Certified by the Down Association of Canada.

Working with animal-based products comes with an unspoken responsibility we must uphold, in order to set the tone for the rest of the world. All products containing Down should come with the globally-recognized DOWNMARK® seal of approval from whichever Down Association has jurisdiction in your region. 

In Canada, this is granted by the Down Association of Canada. Any reputable wholesale bedding manufacturer will work in tandem with the Down Association of Canada to ensure their products are approved and sourced responsibly. 

Westex is a proud member of the Down Association of Canada. As mentioned in our FAQ section:

“The DOWNMARK® quality assurance certification is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for authentic, Down or feather products. Consumers who buy products displaying the DOWNMARK® label can rest assured that their Down or feather products are genuine items that have been finished in Canada according to strict standards. 

The DOWNMARK® label certifies that the manufacturer has complied with stringent quality assurance requirements, and the product you are about to purchase is made with genuine, high-quality Down or feather materials. The DOWNMARK® certification process ensures members meet and continue to adhere to the quality requirements in order to use the DOWNMARK® label on their products.”

If you’d like to learn more about DOWNMARK® Certification, or the Down Association of Canada, please visit our DOWNMARK® FAQ section


Why Work With Westex?

At Westex, we offer everything mentioned in this article and more. You can learn more about our sustainable practices, authentic Down products, and our other lines by visiting our blog and FAQ sections. Additionally, we offer a Private Label Program for valued clients interested in elevating their retail space.

Contact our team today if you are interested in discussing a potential partnership.