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Luxury Bedding: How Westex’s Down Products Can Elevate Your Retail Store

by Mitchell Chitiz

Choosing a luxury bedding supplier for your retail store can be quite a challenge. With the surge of online shopping and fast fashion, many retailers are sourcing cheaply made products that paint their brand in a negative light. But how do you choose the right luxury bedding supplier?

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of working with luxury bedding brands and suppliers of products like high-quality Canadian Down duvets and pillows. We’ll also discuss how Westex has helped retail stores elevate their product offerings through our luxury bedding products.


How to Identify Luxury Bedding Brands

Identifying a luxury bedding brand consists of three key factors: source, specialty, and satisfaction guarantee.

Locally Sourced and Manufactured: All Westex Down products are proudly manufactured in Canada. Our luxury bedding is made from an exclusive supply of Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down, which is farmed locally in Alberta. These luxury Down products contain the highest quality fills of dense, pure goose Down. This Down is sourced from mature birds, which have had time to produce the thickest Down clusters. These are used to create some of the most luxurious bedding products available. 

All Down products are manufactured and treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology in our Toronto facility, where we produce 8,000 decorative cushions, 6,000 sleeping pillows, and 1,000 duvets per day. At Westex, we have over 1,000,000 units in stock at our facility at any given time, which means you’ll never have to worry about running low on luxury bedding products for your retail store.

Luxury Bedding Specialties - Hypoallergenic Products: At Westex, we understand the importance of a good night’s rest, despite any allergies or ailments consumers may suffer from. When it comes to bedding, we produce hypoallergenic luxury bedding specifically for those with sensitivities. Our Down and feather products are carefully treated with Ultra-Fresh technology which actively helps to reduce allergens so that everyone has the choice for a peaceful night of sleep. Trust us, your customers will thank you!

Luxury Bedding Quality Assurance: Like all luxury products, quality assurance is of the utmost importance for manufacturers and retailers. Here at Westex, we understand that your customers will only want to buy high-quality products, that is why we conduct rigorous quality assurance tests to make sure that the products you sell in your store are free for faulty design or defects.


“We proudly stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee them free from all defects resulting from faulty design, material or workmanship.” - Westex International


White Down duvet and pillow

Ethically Sourced Luxury Bedding Products

Working with ethically sourced luxury bedding brands will not only elevate your retail store, but attract a new demographic you might be missing out on.

Many consumers have joined the sustainability movement in recent years, especially with the increase in global awareness, meaning they are looking for retailers that support sustainable practices. 

We also know, from experience, that customers are willing to pay more for ethically sourced products. Luxury bedding retailers don’t have to miss this mark! 

By selling ethically sourced luxury bedding products, you are more likely to create a positive brand association and attract clients who support these practices. They will be more willing to purchase from luxury bedding brands if they are exposed to eco-conscious marketing.

Ethically Sourced Down: Ethically sourced Down can be identified through the globally-recognized gold standard of DOWNMARK® Certification. All products with the DOWNMARK® label are considered to be authentic, ethically sourced Down products.

Sustainable Down Practices: Westex supports sustainable Down practices when producing luxury bedding by sourcing from ethical Down farmers, advocating for humane harvesting practices, and upholding the DOWNMARK® Certification on all products.

Recycled Down Bedding: At Westex, we offer luxury bedding products made from 100% Recycled Down. This Down is sourced in Europe, where it is harvested from discarded Down products. The Down is then sterilized and shipped to our Canadian facility, where we manufacture Recycled Down luxury bedding. This practice is a staple in our sustainability efforts, and we support the recycling of all authentic Down products.

Down-Alternative Products: In addition to authentic Down products, we offer a line of Down-Alternative luxury bedding. This option is excellent for those who wish to purchase vegan products or simply support the sustainability movement. By offering Down-Alternative bedding products in your store, your customers will appreciate the opportunity to make a difference. Elevate your retail space by offering Down-Alternative products like organic cotton, linen, bamboo, and recycled microgel.


Neutral cushions on a bed

Westex Private Label Program

At Westex, we offer a Private Label Program to all our valued customers. If you’re looking for the perfect edge to add to your brand, we highly recommend the Private Label Program. With the support of our development team and design department, we can help elevate your retail store with a bespoke label that you can proudly display to all your customers:


  • Product Customization: We can fully customize our products in a number of ways, including the packaging and the construction of the product itself.
  • Fill Power and Thread Count: We can offer a fill power as high as 850 loft, and cotton sateen shells with thread counts ranging from 240 to 600.
  • Down-Alternative Materials: We are able to source other high-quality materials, fabrics and fills as needed. This includes natural, synthetic and recycled options.

Woman putting crisp white sheets on a bed

Luxury Bedding by Westex

At Westex, we offer a variety of luxury bedding products you can sell in your retail store. Our luxury bedding line includes a wide range of pillows, duvets, comforters, and even mattress toppers. 

Basic Bedding: We produce an extensive selection of Down pillows and duvets, using the world’s finest Canadian Hutterite White Goose or Brome Lake Down. Additionally, we offer Recycled Down bedding, sourced in Europe. For Down-Alternative options, we offer luxury bedding filled with bamboo, silk, polyester fibre, and microgel.

Bedding Pads and Protectors: In addition to manufacturing the highest quality Down and Down-Alternative luxury bedding in North America, we also produce high-end bedding toppers and protectors. These products help keep your luxury bedding products long-lasting and looking fresh. We offer a variety of mattress pads and pillow protectors made from carbon-infused fibres, bamboo, and cotton.

If you’d like to carry our luxury bedding products in your retail store, please contact us! We also welcome tours of our Toronto facility, when safe to do so.