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Everything You Need to Know About Ironing Board Covers - In a Nutshell

by Mitchell Chitiz

When it comes to ironing, many might echo the following sentiment - “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Of course, some of you still see the virtues of ironing and want to know how to get the most out of your ironing sessions. 

A good iron is paramount, as is a good ironing board. However, one of the most essential yet overlooked items needed for effective ironing is an ironing board cover. It means the difference between quick and easy pressing or time and effort wasting trying to get stubborn wrinkles out of your clothes. 


How an Ironing Board Cover Affects the Quality of Your Ironing

Regardless of technique or strength, the key ingredient for ironing to remove wrinkles is heat (and steam). If there’s an inadequate transfer of steam and heat from the iron to your clothing, the wrinkles won’t disappear. Or, it will at least turn into a workout. 

The right ironing board cover allows for the easy transfer of heat and steam from the iron into your clothing. In the presence of adequate heat, those pesky wrinkles in your clothing will smoothen out fast. 

Poorly-fitted or cheaply-made ironing board covers don’t allow this transfer of heat and steam to occur properly. And their lack of efficacy shows when you try to iron your clothing on them - your clothing remains wrinkled. 

There’s also the factor of materials used to make ironing board covers. 

Some fabrics allow for faster ironing and prevent burning or damaging clothing fabrics when compared to others. A smoother ironing board cover is generally better because heat and steam transfer easier through a smoother surface than a coarse one. 

There’s also the type of surface an ironing board cover has. Some are better or worse than others at keeping your clothes from moving around too much on the board, and that obviously has an effect on how much you can get the wrinkles out. 


Types of Ironing Board Covers 

With everything we’ve mentioned above, you’re probably wondering what types of ironing board covers are available to you and which one(s) you should buy. Well, there are different options and some will offer a better ironing experience for you than others. With that said, we’ll take a look at some of the better ones. 


By Material 

  • We recommend 100% unbleached cotton or Teflon ironing board covers.
  • These fabrics tend to be stain, water, and heat resistant (resistant to heat damage)
  • Related to the point above, cotton and Teflon are also heat-reflective so they won’t get burned or scorched
  • They provide the ideal texture (a smoother one) for sufficient heat transfer
  • Ironing board covers made with cotton and Teflon don’t need daily washing or cleaning - they’re easy to maintain
  • These two fabrics are also ideal because they prevent your clothes from moving all over the board


By Surface


  • The ideal ironing board covers have reflective (or “non-stick” surfaces) that soak up heat so that it doesn’t linger on your cover 
  • A reflective surface allows for faster ironing and protects clothes from getting burned
  • Good ironing board covers also have heavy padding to protect against heat damage and provide extra grip


By Appearance

  • Although design and colour is not essential, a “decorative” ironing board cover can be visually stimulating 
  • You can pick up an ironing board cover that is coloured in a bright shade, features intricate patterns, or artsy illustrations

So, here’s a recap. 

An unbleached cotton or Teflon ironing board cover is the most ideal option. They offer protection against the “elements” that can damage your clothing (ie. too much heat), and support to make it easier to remove wrinkles (ie. extra grip, smooth surface). 

Remember too, that an ironing board cover doesn’t have to be boring - you can liven things up with bold colours, ornate patterns or pleasant illustrations. 


An Example of Our Ironing Board Covers


Here at Westex, we produce ironing boards and ironing board covers that are made with cotton and offer the best in heat protection, heat transfer and grip. 

You can also find a wide range of artistically-crafted ironing board covers that will appeal to the eyes such as our partnership with Nicole Miller. We also produce ironing board covers with various features including double, triple and quadruple layers and European-style design covers. 

One of our highlights is our Grey Circles Deluxe Triple Layer Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover. It’s 100% cotton, water and stain-resistant, and has a triple-layer construction for easy ironing. 


Covering the Basics of Ironing Board Covers


Choosing an ironing board cover isn’t rocket science but it’s not a purchase you should make haphazardly. Make sure to choose the right ones based on what the materials they’re made with and the features they offer so that ironing can be pain-free. After all, getting rid of wrinkles isn’t supposed to be entertaining, but it shouldn’t be a drag either.


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