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Home Redesign: The Key to Decorating with Throw Cushions

by Mitchell Chitiz

Decorating with decorative cushions is one of the final, but most important, steps in redesigning your home. While this may seem like a simple step, it can make or break your home decor.

If you’re shopping for throw cushions, make sure you’ve read this guide first! We’ll go over throw cushion styles, patterns, arrangements, and the difference between cushions for beds vs cushions for sofas.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can transform your living space with the addition of some carefully-curated cushions.


Decorative Throw Cushions vs Pillows

The first step in adding throw cushions to your home is understanding the difference between cushions and pillows. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they can mean two very different things. When shopping for throw cushions online, make sure you aren’t mistaking them with a regular bed pillow. 

Throw cushions are often stuffed to the brim, giving them a rigid, yet sturdy feel. They’ll usually include a decorative cover, sometimes featuring doilies, tassels, or beads. Throw cushions are mostly meant for decorative purposes or the occasional nap on the couch. However, when shopping for throw cushions, you probably won’t be too focused on their comfort level. You’ll be paying more attention to their style and how it matches your home.

Pillows serve a different purpose than throw cushions. The pillows you buy for your bed are typically made from a much softer material and filled with Down or Down-Alternative stuffing. Pillows are usually purchased for comfort and neck support when sleeping, rather than their appearance. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, we recommend adding decorative throw cushions to your bed, rather than replacing your pillows!

Decorative cushions on a sofa

Throw Cushion Styles

Throw cushions come in many different styles and materials. Whether you’re looking for a soft neutral touch or a vibrant beaded accent, there are dozens of options available. In fact, there are almost too many options, which can make shopping for cushions quite difficult.

When shopping for decorative cushions, we recommend choosing a style that suits your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cushion colours have to blend in, but you should choose a style that compliments your pre-existing decor.

The style of your throw cushion goes beyond simple colour schemes. When purchasing throw cushions, make sure you’re aware of the fabric type, shape, and size of the cushion. Look for accents that add to or detract from your overall aesthetic. If you have a neutral-toned home with boho chic accents, choosing a brightly-coloured beaded cushion might not be the best option.

When it comes to choosing throw cushion styles and colour schemes, we recommend following this standard formula: one simple print, one solid print, and one busy print. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match!


Decorative Throw Cushion Arrangements

For some reason, throw cushion arrangements typically look best in groups of three. Our go-to formula, above, is the easiest way to get started on that method. But what if you have space for more? Or maybe even less?

When purchasing throw cushions for your home, consider which piece of furniture you’re decorating. The throw cushions for your bed will be different from the throw cushions for your couch. The arrangements will also be unique to the style of bed or sofa you have.


Throw Cushions for Your Sofa

Decorating your sofa with throw cushions is important to tying the room’s style together, and the arrangement can affect that as well. If you’re a tidy and organized individual, arrange your decorative cushions in a way that looks clean and calculated. If you’re more laid-back, consider using throw cushions that look warm and inviting. 

Follow this easy-to-use guide for throw cushion arrangements on your sofa:


  • Armchair: Armchairs typically look best with one carefully selected throw cushion. This could be a style that compliments or contrasts with the chair’s design. Consider a dramatic colour or fabric type to make a statement.
  • Loveseat: Loveseats are best suited to arrangements of three throw cushions. This is where our formula comes in handy! One simple print, one solid print, and one busy print. Try not to exceed three throw pillows on a loveseat, as it detracts from the functionality of the sofa.
  • Standard Sofa: Standard sofa, meaning a sofa with three seats, look best with four throw cushions. We recommend choosing two sets of matching cushions and placing one of each on either side. This adds to symmetry while also mixing up prints for a pop of style.
  • Sectional Sofa: Depending on the size of your sectional sofa, we recommend using up to seven throw pillows. Odd numbers allow for an accent cushion to truly stand out. Consider making one a statement piece with unique fabric or colours. With the six remaining cushions, you can either go for three pairs or two trios. Try not to distract from the statement cushion with too many unique patterns, and aim for simple prints and solid colours.


Navy patterned cushions on a bed

Throw Cushions for Your Bed

Buying throw cushions for your bed is slightly different than buying them for your sofa. Beds had more space lengthwise, but that doesn’t equate to throw pillow real estate. 

When buying throw cushions for your bed, remember that less is more. You want to avoid clutter and create a warm, welcoming scene with your bed decor. Keep it simple by mixing two or three shapes and sizes, with prints that compliment your theme. You don’t need to make a statement with your cushions in the bedroom. So, consider using colours and styles that enhance your bedding.

When buying throw cushions for your bed, remember that these are not adding to functionality or comfort. The cushions you choose for your bed are most likely getting put away at night or simply tossed on the floor. If you’ve seen Along Came Polly, you’ll know how time consuming it can be to move 17 cushions off and on the bed each day! Make sure your decor pieces are adding to your life, not detracting from it!

Finally, the decorative cushions you purchase for your home are an extension of your style. If you’re a vibrant person and want to make a statement with your cushions, go for it! No one is stopping you from living your most fabulous life. 

For some excellent throw cushion options, check out our Urban Loft by Westex collection. This collection includes cushions of all prints and styles. Whether you’re looking for a cottage-core flannel print or retro shag, we’ve got you covered - pun intended.


Outdoor white cushion on a chair


Durable and Washable Throw Cushions

If you’re buying throw cushions for a child’s room or even an outdoor area, you’ll want to make sure you buy a material that can be easily washed. The last thing you need is for some apple juice or barbecue sauce to spill on a suede cushion. Spoiler alert: you can’t clean them with water. 

When buying a throw cushion for a high-traffic area or somewhere where it will be susceptible to elements, look for fabrics that are easy to clean. Additionally, you can purchase waterproof cushion covers or quick-dry material. When making your decision, also ensure that the decorative cushion has a removable cover. Washing a throw cushion cover is one thing, but washing the whole pillow insert is entirely different.

For instructions on how to clean throw cushions, read our guide to washing different pillow and cushion types.