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Canadian Down Duvets: What is Hutterite Down?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Whether as a customer searching for bedding online or as a buyer for a retail store, you may have asked the question “What is Hutterite Down?”. Every Down product is manufactured using different types of duck and goose Down. One Down comforter may be filled with European Down while another brand may only use Canadian Down clusters. 

In this article, we are going to look at one of the most popular Canadian Down duvet fillings - Hutterite Goose Down. We will look at its origins and how this Down type compares to that of others across the world. 


What is Hutterite Goose Down? 

First, let’s look at the origins of Hutterite Down. The Hutterites are a community of people who live in colonies across Northwestern America, many of which are located in the prairies in Alberta. Similar to the Amish or the Mennonite communities, the Hutterites raise livestock such as cattle, turkey, geese and ducks as their main source of food.

A byproduct of their farming methods is that of Down material. The Down feathers and clusters that are harvested from Hutterite-raised geese and ducks are renowned for being luxuriously soft, having great fill stability and being of high quality.

The Hutterite communities raise their geese and ducks for food. Their livestock is therefore allowed to roam freely, grow to full maturity, and not get overfed. Hutterite Goose Down clusters come from mature birds which ensures that the clusters are large, dense and strong. 


How Does Hutterite Goose Down Compare to Other Alternatives?

The most common alternatives to Canadian Down duvets or comforters are those using either European Down or Chinese Down. While the true test when comparing Down products from different locations really depends on the loft, let’s have a look at each of the alternatives below.


European Down  

A bedding product that is manufactured using European Down will generally come from countries such as Hungary, Poland, France or Germany. European goose Down, in particular, is often a blend of Down clusters from a number of different Down producing countries across the continent; mostly from Poland and Hungary. 

In the past, European Down duvets and comforters were considered to be a higher quality than Canadian versions. However, that opinion is changing. While it will still provide high levels of comfort and warmth, Hutterite Down wins out. 

Why is this? As Hutterite livestock are raised in colder conditions, their clusters are larger and fluffier. This means that a lower fill power level is required. Whereas European duvet alternatives require a higher fill power and weight to compensate. 


Chinese Down

Chinese Down is often considered as being the poorest in quality, especially when compared to that of Hungarian or Hutterite Down. Some Down bedding products that are coming in from Asian markets have been causing controversy with a number of products proving to be counterfeit. According to Downmark fraud alerts, a number of Chinese Down products were misrepresented and tested as fake. 

If you are looking to invest in quality Down bedding products, it is highly recommended to only ever purchase from reputable manufacturers.  


Browse Westex’s Collection of Down Comforters & Duvets 

Here at Westex, we appreciate the luxurious nature of Hutterite Down which is why we make sure to include this fill type as part of our Down duvet and comforter collections. 

If you are looking for a luxury goose Down duvet, look no further than the Canadian Hutterite Goose Down Luxury Premium Weight Comforter. Constructed with 100% combed cotton and certified Canadian Goose Down, this hypoallergenic duvet ensures premium comfort thanks to its combed sateen cotton shell and its 675+ fill power. 

As bedding manufacturers, Westex is proud to be a member of the Canadian Down Association and ensure that each of our products is manufactured using ethical and sustainable means.


Are You Looking to Add Hutterite Down Duvets to Your Store? 

If you are a retailer, feel free to reach out to our team today to learn more about partnering with Westex International. We are proud to be leading Canadian manufacturers in the bedding and home décor industry. 

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