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Top Laundry Accessories for Small Spaces

by Mitchell Chitiz

Struggling with Space in Your Laundry Room? 

Is there anything more satisfying than being able to do laundry in your home? Wave goodbye to those days of having to wait in a laundromat for hours on end watching your clothes as they tumble around and around in a washing machine. 

The simple pleasure of being able to do our laundry in-suite is one of those guilty pleasures that our adult selves would rather not admit to enjoying so much. However, not everyone has a big laundry room of their dreams. If you happen to be one of those people with a small laundry room, the novelty of in-suite laundry could wear off quickly - without the right laundry accessories that is.

In this post, we are going to share with you our best space-saving ideas for a small laundry room so that you can launder your clothes in style and in the one room. Don’t believe us? Just you wait!


Laundry Hacks for Small Spaces: How to Maximize Your Laundry Room Space


Yes, you can maximize every inch of even the smallest of laundry rooms to work in your favour. No more having your bathroom double up as drying space for your clothes or using your kitchen table as a surface to iron on. 

When it comes to smaller laundry spaces, you need to be clever in the laundry accessories and storage solutions you use. Follow our favourite tips below to get the most out of your laundry game. 


  • Maximize from the floor up - One of the most frustrating aspects of having a small laundry room is the lack of storage and floor space. That’s why it is important to make use of every single inch of your room. Need somewhere to hang your clothes to dry them? Consider installing a clothes rail in a cabinet. Don’t have space for your mop, brush and vacuum? Mount them on the back of a door or on the wall. 
  • Shelves are your best friend - Never underestimate how beneficial shelving can be. If you have a front-loading machine, use the area on top of your washer/dryer as storage space for your laundry detergent. Installing shelves where it makes sense on the walls can also help you create a storage space for additional items that you need such as towels, linens or blankets. 
  • Hang up your ironing board - An ironing board can be a bulky laundry product but it is also essential. Rather than store it away in your bedroom closet, use robe hooks to cleverly store it out of the way in your laundry room. 

Don’t look at your laundry room in despair. You can use this space as effectively as a laundromat with a few creative storage ideas and by thinking outside the box. So, instead of focusing on the lack of square footage just think about the space-saving possibilities instead. 


Best Laundry Accessories That Are Made for Small Laundry Rooms 

Laundry accessories that fit in small spaces, you say? Ok, the word compact doesn’t always come to mind when you think of washer/dryer machines and ironing boards. But, that is where Westex comes in. 

As part of our laundry solutions collection, we wanted to ensure that there were accessories everyone could use. We understand that not everyone is graced with the square footage of a penthouse apartment or three-bedroom house. That is why we believe you’ll enjoy these top laundry accessories just as much as we do.


  • Westex Compact Ironing Board - Measuring 13-inch x 36-inch, this compact ironing board is the perfect addition to your small space. Designed with thick steel legs for excellent stability, this ironing board has a built-in rest for your iron, extra hanging space, and a height-adjustable paddle with leg locking feature for ease of use.
  • Westex Compact Ironing Board Cover - Our range of compact ironing board covers are perfect for boards that are designed for small spaces. Fitting a 13-inch x 36-inch ironing board, this cover is designed to provide heat-resistance, stain-resistance, extra grip and all in a great aesthetic design too.
  • Westex 2-in-1 Portable Hanging Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket - If an ironing board isn’t an option, this portable steamer pad and ironing blanket will provide all of the same benefits. Designed to be easily hung on the back of a door, this laundry accessory allows you to effortlessly iron and steam clothes on any surface such as a kitchen table - just lay the ironing blanket flat on the table surface and you’re ready to start ironing.
  • Westex Luxury Velvet Hangers Hang your clothes up to dry in style on these stylish hangers. The non-slip, velvet finish will ensure that your laundry stays firmly hanging up. While it’s slim design makes sure that no-extra space is taken up.


Make Your Laundry Time a Delight

We can guarantee that the space-saving hacks and the laundry accessories listed above will make a huge difference to your home. All you need is the knowledge of how best to maximize small laundry spaces. After all, doing laundry is an activity that all adults should enjoy!