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Sustainable Down Duvets: Why Responsibly Sourced is Best

by Mitchell Chitiz

Sustainability & Ethics: Why They Should be Core Considerations When Buying Duvets

Many home decor and fashion brands are now openly discussing the topics of sustainability and ethics. Modern-day consumers are savvier about researching the products they want to purchase. They ask questions such as: 


  • Where are the materials sourced?
  • How is the product produced and manufactured?
  • Is the company abiding by environmental and ethical practices?

And so, they should be. 

Sustainability is a core consideration to keep in mind when buying bedroom products, especially Down duvets. In order to make sure that you are making purchasing decisions that put the environment and your morals at the forefront, it is vital to buy from brands that are passionate about using sustainable and ethical materials. 

If you are looking to improve the sustainability of your bedding essentials, in particular your duvet, then continue reading this article. Below, we will discuss how Down duvets are responsibly sourced and manufactured, the Down certifications to look for, and how to tell if your sustainable Down duvet is actually a fake. 

We all deserve to rest in a bed that is made from materials that are ethically sourced. With a little bit of knowledge about how to recognize sustainable and ethical Down, you can do exactly that. 


Can Down Duvets be Sustainably Sourced & Manufactured?

The answer to this is yes. Many manufacturers of Down duvets, including Westex, only source Down feathers from farms that use ethical farming methods. Contrary to what many may think, the farming methods for Down and feather has transformed dramatically over recent years. 

Down is considered a by-product of the food industry and refers to the small, fluffy clusters that grow underneath the large, stiffer outer plumage of waterbirds such as geese or ducks. These feathers have been used for decades to provide lightweight insulation in clothing and homeware products. According to International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL), Down and feathers have the lowest carbon footprint of any fill material used in retail products. 

Here at Westex, we are advocates of only using the most ethical methods in the production and sourcing of Down materials. 

All our Down is carefully sourced from either local farms in Canada or international farms in Europe and China. During manufacturing, we use processes and solutions that are environmentally-friendly and we are proud to be the first North American company to introduce Recycled Down products to the homeware industry.   


Which Certifications Should You Look Out for When Buying a Down Duvet?

When buying ethical and sustainable Down duvets, there are a number of certifications that you should be looking for. A brand that is truly providing the most sustainable bedding products that contain Down and feather should adopt some, if not all, of the following: 

  • Downmark Certification - Downmark is a globally recognized certification that’s issued by the Down Association of Canada. In order to qualify for this certificate, a company must meet strict label, quality, and packaging standards. Westex is a proud member of the Down Association of Canada. 
  • Responsible Down Standard - The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is a globally recognized certification that acknowledges and rewards companies for the use of ethical practices that protect the welfare of geese and ducks. 
  • Global Traceable Down Standard - The Global Traceable Down Standard (Global TDS) is governed by NSF International. Global TDS monitors the Down supply chain and ensures that suppliers are treating animals humanely.  

  • A reputable brand that sells Down duvets will clearly state the certification and guidelines they abide by on their website, packaging or labels. As an eco-conscious consumer, you should only buy Down bedding from companies that are dedicated to using quality and ethical practices.  


    How To Tell if Your Down Product is a Fake?

    Unfortunately, there are brands on the Internet that may try to sell you a genuine, authentic Down duvet when it is in fact a fake. So, how exactly can you tell whether it is fake or not? 

    The best way to avoid purchasing a fake Down product is to only buy from a trustworthy brand. As we mentioned above, a reputable manufacturer of Down bedding will properly label their products according to Down certification guidelines and will have nothing to hide. This will help you to validate the company’s claims.

    You should also stay away from a product that claims to use Down fibres. Genuine sustainable Down duvets are never filled with Down fibre (this is the dust that is left after processing Down and feathers).  

    Another trick to help you tell whether a Down product is fake or not is the price. If you see a 100% White Goose Down duvet being sold for less than $100 then this is false advertising. Down is a rare material and offers luxury comfort to customers. For that reason, it is more expensive than other bedding alternatives. 

    If the price tag seems too good to be true, it most likely is.   


    Tips for Buying Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Duvets

    Is it possible to find genuine, sustainable, and eco-friendly duvets online? Of course! All you need is a little bit of education on how to spot the best products. 

    To recap, when buying sustainable bedding you will need to keep the following in mind: material, certifications, and price point. All sustainable duvets will be made from materials that are environmentally-friendly and partake in the humane treatment of animals. They will also follow guidelines set out by recognized certifications and will have a price point that accurately reflects the material they are made with. 

    If you are still on the fence about purchasing a Down duvet, Westex offers a great selection of alternative options that are just as comfortable and sustainable. For example, our Down-Alternative bedding products are made with the following materials: 

  • Bamboo - When used in the production of bedding products, bamboo is durable, environmentally friendly, and offers air-purifying qualities. 
  • Silk - This material is naturally hypoallergenic, naturally anti-fungal, is less likely to grow bacteria and dust mites, and is eco-friendly.  
  • Recycled Microgel - Particularly used in Down-Alternative pillows, recycled microgels are manufactured using the plastic resin material that is used in the production of plastic water bottles. 

    Bring Sustainability Into Your Bedroom

    Making your bedroom “greener” doesn’t have to be confusing and doesn’t have to be reserved solely for your bedsheets either. Investing in a sustainable Down duvet ensures that you are receiving a product that is long-lasting, durable, ethical, and comfortable.

    Our mission is to provide consumers with high-quality products that are produced and manufactured in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and promote the use of raw materials in bedding products.