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The Lowdown on How Down & Feather Duvets, Comforters and Pillows are Manufactured

by Mitchell Chitiz

When selecting a high-quality Down duvet/comforter for your retail store, the most important step is to research Down and Feather bedding suppliers. With hundreds of brands and suppliers to choose from, purchasing a Down duvet and comforter can seem quite daunting. This is especially true if you’re looking for manufacturers who use ethically sourced or sustainable Down products.

At Westex, we believe in transparency, and would like to give you an in-depth look at the manufacturing processes of our ethically sourced Down and Down-Alternative products.


How Westex Down Duvets are Made


Proudly Canadian Down Bedding Supplier

Manufactured in Canada: All Westex Down and Down-Alternative products are proudly made in Canada, where we manufacture over 1,000 duvets and 6,000 pillows per day.

Cleaned and Processed in Toronto: All of our Canadian Down and Feather is cleaned and processed in Toronto. Facility visits are welcomed from our retail distributors (when safe to do so). For our Recycled Down products, Down and Feather is sourced from all over Europe and sterilized before coming to our Canadian facility for production. 

Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down: Westex has access to a very limited, exclusive supply of Canadian Hutterite Down, which is hand-farmed by the Hutterite colonies in Alberta, Canada. These Down duvets feature the highest quality fills of large, dense clusters of pure goose Down.


Recycled Down duvet manufacturing process


Ethically Sourced Down Comforters and Duvets


Ethically Sourced Down: Westex is DOWNMARK® Certified, meaning that all Down and Feather products are obtained using humane down harvesting practices. Out-dated techniques, like live plucking and foie gras Down, are forbidden. “Westex advocates for the sustainable and ethical treatment of geese and ducks, and actively supports humane harvesting practices.”

Sustainable Down and Feather Practices: Westex supports sustainable Down practices by only sourcing from ethical Down and Feather farmers, manufacturing Recycled Down products, and advocating for humane harvesting practices. 

Recycled Down Duvets: Recycled Down comforters and duvets are made from 100% Recycled Down. Westex works with European crafters to collect and break down discarded Down products. The Down is then carefully harvested, washed and sterilized, and used to create new Down duvets and pillows. This practice is not well-known in North America but is a staple of Westex’s sustainability effort. We recommend purchasing Recycled Down and ethically sourced Down products whenever possible.

Down-Alternative Products: At Westex, we also manufacture our own line of Down-Alternative products. These are made from cotton, bamboo, silk, and recycled microgel materials. By manufacturing Down-Alternative products, Westex helps reduce plastic waste worldwide!


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DOWNMARK® Certified Down Duvets and Pillows

Down Association of Canada: The Down Association of Canada is a globally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to improving Down harvesting practices locally and around the world. The President of Westex is on the board of directors for the Down Association of Canada, which is a testament to how important sustainable Down practices are to the brand.

DOWNMARK® Certification: This certification is respected internationally as a symbol of quality issued by the Down Association of Canada. All Westex Down products are authentic and DOWNMARK® Certified. 

If you’d like to learn more about DOWNMARK® Certification and the Down Association of Canada, please visit this page for a more in-depth look at our sustainability practices and FAQ section. 

For more information on our Down and Down-Alternative products, please visit this page to read more. Additionally, you can contact our team directly if you would like to discuss partnering with us.