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Pillow Talk: What are the Benefits of Hypoallergenic Pillows?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Hypoallergenic Pillows: Why You Should Know About Them

If you are an allergy sufferer, you may be all too familiar with the scenario of being robbed of a good night’s sleep due to countless sneezing attacks and coughing fits. While your first thought may be to take more antihistamines before going to bed, this may not be the only solution. In fact, we know it isn’t.

Hypoallergenic bedding, especially pillows, can be a godsend for those who regularly suffer from allergies. These bedding products are specially produced and manufactured in a manner that ensures that the pillows and duvets you use will not contribute to any nighttime allergies. 

In fact, the popularity of anti-allergen pillows has been growing considerably for its ability to not be a hotbed for bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, and other pesky allergens. If sneezing and coughing is a common nightly occurrence, then you should really consider learning more about hypoallergenic pillows. 

Top Benefits of Using Pillows That Are Hypoallergenic

So, how much of an impact can you expect an anti-allergen pillow to have on your sleep quality? The answer is a lot

Many luxury bedding manufacturers and brands are now including hypoallergenic products as part of their bedding collection to make sure that those who are highly sensitive to various allergens can get the night of sleep they deserve. Perfect options for both at home and in the hospitality sector, these pillows provide a number of great benefits.

Less Risk of Allergens Being Found in Bedding

Hypoallergenic pillows don’t readily collect the same amount of allergens as other types of pillows do. While there is a slight risk, it is significantly lower than that of a standard pillow. One of the biggest allergens for individuals is dust mites. 

These microscopic insects tend to congregate in areas that are moist, warm and dark such as your pillow. Here, they like to feed off of your dead skin cells. The residue that they leave behind acts as an irritant for allergy sufferers. Anti-allergen pillows and pillow protectors reduce this risk by acting as a two-way filtration system: 

  • They prevent the build-up of skin cells which starves and kills off dust mites.
  • They are constructed using naturally hypoallergenic material such as cotton or synthetic polyester which are naturally resistant to allergens such as mould and dust mites.

Anti-Allergen Pillows Don’t Trap as Many Odours

As hypoallergenic pillows don’t collect as many microorganisms or materials that can give pillows that musty smell, they are less likely to harbour any unwelcome odours. While this certainly won’t eliminate the need to wash your pillows, it will mean that you can benefit from a healthy sleeping experience each night. 

Low Maintenance

Lastly, hypoallergenic pillows tend to be very resilient. With less maintenance involved, you can rest easy knowing that your pillow is the perfect solution you need for a night of sniffles-free sleep. 

How Westex Use Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology to Keep Bedding Clean

As part of Westex’s manufacturing processes, we use an Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial solution on all of our bedding including our Down duvets, Down pillows and Down-Alternative pillows to ensure that each product delivered to a customer is fresh, clean and odour-free.

This antimicrobial solution works by treating textiles to protect against odour-causing bacteria, mould, mildew, dust mites and stains. Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology has passed through many stringent testing procedures and is approved for use by OEKO-TEX. 

Here at Westex, we believe in manufacturing only the highest quality of products. We also believe that all individuals should be able to sleep peacefully each night. 

Our collection of luxury bedding products provides you with a comfortable and allergen-free bedroom environment. Try our Westex Premium Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow or our bamboo pillow protector  to get a night free of coughs and sniffles.