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Duck vs Goose Down: Which is Better for Bedding?

by Mitchell Chitiz

When shopping for Down products, like duvets or comforters, pillows, and mattress toppers, you’ll notice that there are many types of fill material. Fill material describes the type of material used inside the bedding. When it comes to Down products, you will typically see duck Down and goose Down. But what’s the difference?

To the average eye, duck and goose Down may look the same, but the truth is that they are very different. If you’re shopping for Down bedding, you’ll want to make sure you know what’s inside before you buy!


What is Down?

The first thing to know when shopping for Down products is what you’re actually buying. What is Down?

Down is the term used for the soft undercoating of ducks and geese. This is the layer of velvety, fluffy filaments that grow under the animals’ feathers. These filaments are used to keep ducks and geese warm, and act as natural insulation. Down is mostly harvested from the stomach or underbelly of the animals, where it grows in thick clusters.

If you’re interested in a natural Down-Alternative, you can find those here.


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The Benefits of Duck Down

Duck Down is considered the most accessible material for Down products. While it undergoes the same harvesting process and is used to make the same materials, duck Down is quite different from goose Down.

Duck Down is not as fluffy as goose Down, making it more suitable for warmer climates or lightweight products. Additionally, duck Down is much more accessible, which is why it’s considered an affordable option. If you’re buying a duvet for the first time, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, we recommend duck Down.


The Benefits of Goose Down

Goose Down is considered the highest quality of Down materials. Most premium Down-filled products are made with pure, white goose Down, and come with a price tag to match. While these products can be expensive, they offer a much higher level of luxury than duck Down products.

Geese are much larger birds than ducks, which means they grow their soft filaments in dense clusters. The Down harvested from geese is longer, thicker, and more durable, especially when harvested from mature birds.


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Duck Down vs Goose Down

There are a few key differences between duck Down and goose Down. Use this list as a guide when making your purchase:

  • Cost: Duck Down is much more affordable than goose Down. If you’re looking for affordable Down products, we recommend duck Down.
  • Quality: Goose Down is more luxurious and higher quality than duck Down. Goose Down is considered to be more durable, ensuring that your duvet lasts the tests of time.
  • Accessibility: Duck Down is more accessible than goose Down and will be easier to find. Along with cost, this is one of the reasons some will choose duck Down vs goose Down.

When comparing product quality, goose Down is far superior and highly recommended. If you can afford to buy a high-quality goose Down duvet, you’ll be rewarded with a reliable, luxurious product that will keep you warm for decades to come.


Westex Microgel Duvet

What is DOWNMARK Certification?

High quality Down products, like our pillows and duvets, come with a certification from the Down Association of Canada. When you see a DOWNMARK label on a Down duvet, you know that the product has met a certain standard. Additionally, this certification is also an indication that the manufacturer supports humane and sustainable down harvesting.


Down-Alternative and Recycled Down by Westex

If you’re looking for Down-Alternative products or recycled Down, we have some excellent options. For those interested in alternative natural bedding solutions, we recommend materials such as bamboo, silk, polyester, and recycled Down.  

Our microgel duvet is an excellent Down-Alternative option for those who want a luxury sleep experience without the use of animal products.