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Top Tips For Buying Sustainable Bedding Online

by Mitchell Chitiz

What Is Sustainable Bedding? 

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the retail industry over the last few years. Many individuals have been looking at how they can purchase more sustainable and environmentally friendly products in both the clothing and home goods categories. The same goes for the bedding essentials that we rest on every single night.  

Taking the steps to make your home “greener” means choosing products that take the environment and ethics into consideration when being sourced, manufactured, and produced. One way to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle is by buying eco-friendly bedding. 

Sustainable bedding is any bed product (e.g. bed sheets, pillows, mattress toppers and protectors etc.) that use purely natural materials and are made via ethical manufacturing processes. These products, and the brands that make them, are generally 100% against using fibres or manufacturing methods that aren’t supportive of being kinder to our planet.

If you are looking to turn your bedroom into an environmentally conscientious haven, we’ve listed our top tips for purchasing eco-friendly bedding online. 


Tips To Remember When Buying Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Bed Products Online


If this is your first time venturing into purchasing bedding online rather than in-store, you may be wondering how to tell if the products you are digitally window-shopping are exactly what you are looking for. That can be tricky on a normal basis without throwing the sustainability aspect into the mix. 

Not to worry. With the tips that we’ve outlined below, you can shop online for all your bedroom essentials with the safe knowledge that the products you buy will be as passionate about protecting the environment as you are. 


Check The Materials

Firstly, make sure to check which materials have been used to make the product you are looking to purchase. For example, if you would like to buy a duvet choosing a down alternative duvet filled with silk or bamboo would be a more sustainable option.

Look out for the following material options: 


  • Organic Cotton - We’re all familiar with cotton bedding. Yet, organic cotton is a much more eco-friendly option. It’s readily available, easy to care for and unlike its regular sibling, it is produced without using any fertilizers or pesticides. 
  • Bamboo - Bamboo is another sustainable fabric and material that is used in many home decor products. The bamboo plant is known for its air-purifying qualities and the fact that it consumes less water than cotton. Using the closed-loop method of production, this material is both durable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Organic Hemp or Linen - Both organic hemp and organic linen are stronger than cotton and are certified organic. Made from 100% natural fibres, bedding using these materials are manufactured with zero chemicals 
  • Recycled Microgel - Recyclable materials such as microgels are being used by eco-friendly bedding companies in a range of products, especially as pillow stuffing. Recycled microgel fibres are manufactured from post-consumer recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) flakes. This plastic resin material is most commonly used to make plastic bottles for water and soda pop. 
  • Canadian Down - There is nothing better than a luxurious Canadian down pillow or duvet. At Westex, we only source down material from suppliers that use sustainable and ethical harvesting practices. 

Consider Certifications

There are also certain certificates that you should look for when buying sustainable bedding online. Look out for labels or stamps from guidelines such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), IOAS, OEKO-TEX Association, The Fairtrade Certification Mark and the Downmark Certification.  

These guidelines all guarantee that the products you are buying meet certain standards and requirements set out by these organizations in order to be considered as ethically sourced, organic, safe and eco-friendly. 


Don’t Just Focus On Bedsheets 


Remember, that sustainable bedding doesn’t just apply to bedsheets but also the basic bedding essentials that we rely on every night. 

While sourcing organic bedlinen is important, you should also be looking at how you can make more environmentally conscientious buying decisions when it comes to your pillows, mattresses, and duvets as well. 

Duvets and pillows can be produced using recyclable down materials and down alternatives. Additionally, many of these bedding essentials are now filled with synthetic down alternatives such as bamboo, silk and microgel. 

Don’t neglect your mattress either. Consider purchasing a sustainable mattress topper or protector to ensure the longevity of your mattress. Mattress protectors such as Westex’s bamboo mattress and pillow protectors and our carbon mattress protectors are breathable, hypoallergenic, naturally soft and eco-friendly. 


Find Affordable, Sustainable Bedding With Westex 


Westex is a family-run business based in Canada that is passionate about providing customers with home decor products that are high-quality, affordable, and most importantly, ethically sourced and produced. 

Our mission is to lower emissions from greenhouse gases and water pollutants, conserve resources and provide raw materials to industries while also developing more environmentally sensitive technologies. We are also proud to be Downmark certified and all of our products have passed strict international quality assurance standards. 

Shop for affordable, sustainable, and high-quality bedding with Westex today.