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Sleep Quality in Decline: Here’s How Retailers Can Help Their Customers Sleep Better

by Mitchell Chitiz

Since the beginning of the pandemic, sleep has been elusive for many. Factors such as stress, anxiety, and pandemic fatigue resulted in more late-night Netflix binges and fewer hours of undisturbed sleep. This inevitably had an effect with many experiencing decreased energy, motivation, and productivity levels. After all, good sleep quality is needed to function properly daily. 

Consumers often forget one factor that is necessary for good sleep - a great sleep environment. Below, we’ll examine the decline in sleep quality over the last year and the role that retail buyers can play during this time to help improve their customer’s ability to sleep well. 


How Has Sleep Quality Declined in the Last Year? 


If you have noticed that you’re catching fewer hours of shut-eye in the last year then you’re certainly not alone. The sleep quality of many across North America has declined significantly at various points during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether a result of stress, loneliness, financial worries, or disrupted routines it has all accumulated in a sleep crisis that experts are naming ‘Coronasomnia’

Throughout 2020, many experienced an increase in sleep disturbances. Even doctors saw a 20% increase in sleep prescriptions. In a recent study, 10.1% of respondents reported having very poor quality sleep while the number reporting good levels of sleep decreased by 39.4%. 

With many people failing to get a good night of sleep before the pandemic, it is no wonder that sleep quality took a nosedive in the last twelve months. Increased screen time due to lockdown measures coupled with high-stress levels and blurred work/life balance was bound to have lasting consequences on the ability to get a full eight hours of sleep. 

Now that vaccinations have been rolled out across Canada and the United States, many consumers are looking for sleep hacks and tips that will help them get their sleep routines back on track - so that they can say goodbye to “Coronasomnia” for good.


The Role of a Great Sleep Environment: What Consumers Need to Know 


While addressing mental and physical stressors that lead to poor sleep quality is a sure-fire way to improve sleep quality, many consumers aren’t aware of how the environment they sleep in affects their ability to get shut-eye. 

The ideal sleep environment should be comfortable, cool, quiet, and not too bright. Consumers are advised to keep electronic devices out of their bedrooms at night, use a fan to cool down if living in a warm climate, and have adequate blinds to block out man-made light. Yet, they should also look at the quality of the bedding that they sleep on too.

The pillows and duvets that consumers buy are just as important for sleep quality as to how quiet their room is. That’s why there is a whole manufacturing industry devoted to supplying retail stores with products that will gift consumers with a night of comfortable rest. 

If a customer’s sleep environment features a worn-out mattress, deflated Down pillows, irritating bedsheets, and a lumpy duvet or comforter then there will always be factors that could lead to sleep disruptions. So, in addition to making lifestyle changes, if customers want to improve their ability to sleep, they should also think about updating their bedding. 


How Retailers Can Improve Sleep Quality for Their Customers 


As a retailer, you may be asking yourself: How can I play a role in helping my customers sleep better? The answer is simple - stock high-quality bedding items in-store and online. 

There is a reason that customers choose luxury homeware items time and time again. It’s because they know that they will be receiving good quality. The same applies to the pillows, duvets, and mattress protectors that they opt for. 

It’s the responsibility of every retail brand to vouch for the products they are selling and the bedding manufacturers they partner with. That’s why if you want to help improve the sleep quality of your customers then you need to ensure that you are working with a manufacturer and supplier that you can trust. 


The Importance of Finding the Right Bedding Manufacturer 

The partnership that you have with a bedding manufacturer must be built on trust and understanding. As a retailer, your customers are looking to you to provide them with the bedding products they need to sleep well. That means you must do your due diligence and choose the right manufacturer to deliver your customers’ needs. 

When in talks with a potential new wholesale Down duvet and pillow manufacturer, make sure you ask the right questions: do they satisfy demand requirements, what is their lead time, or do they offer a private label program.  If possible, ask to take a tour of their facility so that you can see the manufacturing process for yourself. 

Additionally, make sure that the fabric and materials used by the manufacturer suit your customer demographic. For example, if your customers are more interested in sustainability then Down-Alternative bamboo bedding may be a good option for them. However, if your customers love the comfort and luxury of Down, then a duvet filled with Hutterite Down will be exactly what they are looking for. 


Westex’s Collection of High-Quality Canadian Bedding

We are proud Canadian manufacturers of Down and Down-Alternative bedding. Our facility manufactures over 7,000 products each day including sleeping pillows, duvets, comforters, mattress protectors, and more. 

  • Down Bedding: Our Down duvets and pillows are filled with high-quality Canadian Down from Hutterite and Brome Lake communities, all ethically sourced locally. We are also the first North American company to offer Recycled Down products
  • Down-Alternative Bedding: We also offer an extensive range of Down-Alternative options such as bamboo, polyester fibre, and recycled microgel. 
  • Mattress Pads, Protectors, and Toppers: Sometimes the products that make your customers’ bed comfortable can’t be seen when looking at it. Mattress pads, toppers, and protectors are just as important as duvets and pillows. Retailers should always consider stocking these in their stores. 

While the last year has been challenging for many consumers, especially from a sleep perspective, we make it our mission to supply only the highest quality bedding items to stores across North America and the rest of the world every day.

We have a robust quality assurance protocol that ensures each item is manufactured to the highest of standards. If you are a retail buyer looking to supply your customers with the comfiest and most luxurious products possible, get in touch with our team today.