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Product Highlight: Westex Compact Ironing Board

by Mitchell Chitiz

No matter if your living space is big or small, a compact ironing board can be the perfect addition to your appliance roster. An ironing board isn’t something you want out all the time, so a version that can be easily stored and moved is incredibly useful. 

Today we’ll be highlighting one of our favourite models of compact ironing board - the Westex Compact Ironing Board - and give some focus on its features and benefits. So let’s get into the reasons that make this ironing board so great. 

Portable and Easy to Store

The Westex Compact Ironing Board features product dimensions of 13" x 36". As long-time ironing board suppliers, we know how unwieldy larger ironing boards can be. With this in mind, we’ve designed a compact ironing board that is easy to store. 

The Westex Compact Ironing Board comes with a built-in iron rest, with extra hanging space. On top of this, it features a height adjustment paddle with leg locking, that lets it be easily set up and taken down for storage. This is an ironing board that works with your customers, not against them. 

At 8.5 pounds, the board is also lighter than other models out there on the market. This makes it much easier to lift and maneuver around the house as needed. 


Stable and Durable Platform

It’s no use stocking an ironing board if your customers can’t properly iron on it. We’ve designed the Westex Compact Ironing Board with a sturdy steel frame and legs. This allows it to not only be durable but also provides a stable platform to iron on. 

The board itself is made of polypropylene, allowing for optimal air and steam ventilation. Good ventilation on an ironing board is key for making sure clothes get thoroughly ironed, without getting damaged in the process. 


Adjustable Height

Of course, a good ironing experience isn’t just about stability. Making sure that you have the most comfortable height for ironing is also key. This ironing board can be adjusted up to a height of 32.6", making it suitable for all customers and all situations. With comfortable ironing comes quick and efficient ironing. 


Beautiful Cover Included

Each Westex Compact Ironing Board comes with a foam pad and ironing board cover included. There are various ironing board covers available including a beautiful blue and white striped pattern or a grey damask pattern. The ultra-thick cover lets customers iron with confidence and allows them to get the most out of their compact ironing board - no accessories required. Once you stock it, they’re ready to iron! 

Want the Best in Ironing Products?

At Westex, we are proud providers of only the very best wholesale ironing boards and ironing board covers. We’re not just ironing board suppliers either, boasting a wide selection of Down and Down-Alternative duvets and other home décor solutions. If you’re a retailer looking to stock ironing boards and other laundry accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us.