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Home Décor Trends: Here Are The Styles That Customers Are Loving in 2021

by Mitchell Chitiz

A customer’s home is an extension of their personality and self-expression. This is why the home décor market is such a big one - people want their living space to feel unique to their style and tastes. This means that retailers need to be keenly aware of how the wants and needs of customers are shifting. As wholesale home décor suppliers, we always like to keep a finger on the pulse of wholesale home décor trends. 

Current events will inevitably affect trends in home décor. In our list of some of the trends we’ve noticed, you’ll certainly see the impact that lockdown has had on people’s relationships with their living spaces.

This list only includes some of the most notable trends that we’ve seen so far - make sure to watch out for them when making your homeware wholesale purchases! 


More Colour 

Previously, there has been a tendency towards more neutral tones in home décor. The sleek minimalist look was in, and too much colour was seen as distracting. There were even some designers who pushed towards darker colours, to give a more “industrial” look.

Maybe we just wanted to add some optimistic flair to our designs, or perhaps we simply got tired of looking at the same shades all through the lockdown. Regardless, 2021 seems to mark a shift towards vibrant colours in matching tones. Deep greens and blues are in, while white and beige are on the way out.

There’s also going to be greater emphasis on making colours pop with bold patterns, such as stripes. It will be important to stock plenty of vibrant, eye-catching covers for pillows and cushions this year. 

Minimalism is Out, Maximalism is In 

The push for more colour on furniture and walls is part of a larger trend - the shift away from minimalism. Pre-lockdown, an elegant, sleek home seemed like the most sensible choice. However, what consumers want now is a home that feels cozy. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that houses will become overly cluttered, but consumers should certainly be prepared for a desire to accessorize. More objects on shelves, more pillows on beds and couches, more interesting furniture pieces, and more places for friends to sit. 


Less Open Floor Plans, More Dedicated Spaces

Newly designed homes are likely to undergo a major shift as well, one that retailers should be aware of. The open floor plan seemed like the way of the future - an elegant and simple way to use space. Now that everyone has had some time with their family, a space that everyone is constantly moving through suddenly seems a lot less appealing.

There is likely going to be a rise in dedicated spaces in the future. These could be quiet home offices, secluded dens, or intimate dining spaces. People realize more than ever that sometimes you need to have some level of separation from the rest of your house. Many customers will have new private rooms they want to turn into comfy working and living spaces. 


Natural Elements 

The outdoors is something that many of us have missed this year. While it might be more difficult to get outdoors, many are looking to bring the outdoors inside. Home décor products made of natural material are poised to be big sellers next year. Rattan and wicker furniture are on the way in, as are any fabrics made from natural fibres.

You should also see a lot more real live plants moving indoors, as well as a decrease in the popularity of plastic plants. The desire for natural elements doesn’t need to be literal, however. You should expect an increase in interest in decorative cushion fabric patterns that feature flowers, trees, and animals. 


Investment in Outdoor Spaces 

Those lucky enough to have backyards, patios, and gardens have a new appreciation for these outdoor spaces. You should see a growing level of investment in these outdoor spaces throughout 2021. This means there will be a larger market for outdoor furniture, weather-resistant cushions and coverings, and interest in any home décor product that can find a home outside. 

This will even extend to “semi-outdoor” spaces, such as porches, sunrooms, and conservatories. People want their sun-drenched spaces, and home décor retailers will have to try and match offerings to these places.


The Exotic

Our craving for spaces beyond our homes won’t just be marked by an increase in floral prints. Many home décor experts are seeing a definite trend towards the exotic this year. 

Patterns based on far-off cultures or animals are in increasing demand, as are accessories that remind homeowners of travel and distant shores. This probably has to do with the wanderlust many of us have built up over a year of lockdown. 

More Use of Interior Designers 

Style isn’t the only thing changing in home décor - we may see a major shift in the industry as a whole. With so many people spending so much time at home, many have realized just how important home décor is. 

This has led more customers to lean on the expertise of interior designers. Any wholesale home décor suppliers or retailers are going to have to keep their eye on what the most popular interior designers are doing. As more people take home décor seriously, the experts are going to be more important in determining homeware choices. 

Interested in Hearing More Our Home Décor Collection? 

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