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How to Pick Cushions Your Customers Will Love

by Mitchell Chitiz

Tips for Choosing Decorative Cushions Covers (and How to Display Them In-Store)

Every customer loves adding decorative cushions to elevate their home decor. That means choosing the right cushions and throw pillows to stock in-store is an important job for any retail buyer and merchandiser. In this article, we’ll be talking about the key factors retailers should keep in mind when sourcing and displaying decorative cushions in-store. 

How to Pick Cushions to Sell

Look around your store for inspiration, as decorative cushions can be paired with the other items you sell. Inspire your customers to complete the look.

If your customers are seasonal shoppers always looking for fun decor items, then going with a bunch of fun, limited-time decorative pillows could be for you. Carrying a selection of prints, bright colours, and some solid options to complete a new set of cushions for a sofa or bed is ideal.

Maybe your store is more minimalist with a lot of earth tones, offering a more sophisticated vibe. Then you might want to stick to high-quality fabrics with simple patterns. 

Keep in Mind How People Use Decorative Cushions

A lot of us like styling beds and sofas full of decorative pillows. This usually means a variety of pillows will be necessary to complete a look. 

A mixture of fabrics and textures can add a luxurious look to a room. Decorative throw cushions need to compliment your customer’s furniture, curtains, and wall colour. With that said, it’s important to not make things too ‘matchy-matchy’, but we can leave that up to your customers. Variety leaves something for everyone.

Decorative Cushions for Every Space

Living room throw cushions, bedroom cushions, children’s cushions - if you’re like us, your house is overflowing with them! And each one offers a very specific purpose. As a wholesale decorative cushion supplier, we offer the variety you need, having over 500,000 in stock at any given time. 

From cozy cushions for movie nights, naps, or lounging, Westex’s selection of decorative throw pillows is suitable for every space and occasion. Your customers might also be looking to style a low-traffic, ‘fancier’ space, such as their office or guest bedroom. This is always the perfect spot to put the nicer, luxurious throw pillows with patterns and high-quality fabrics that will impress their guests and/or clients.

We even have the perfect cushions for kids. Our collections include brightly coloured cushion covers that are perfect for adolescents, pre-teens, and teenagers. Whether it is their bedroom or a chill space, offering decorative cushions in a variety of patterns and styles means that even the pickiest of teens can find something they like.  

Choosing Cushion Patterns & Colours

When selecting which decorative cushion covers you want to sell, there are a couple of tips we have to get you started:

One Colour, Three Patterns

If you’re just starting out selling decorative cushions, then we suggest this method: Carry one colour in 3 different patterns (such as a blue solid, a blue striped, and a blue floral option). This way, you can still layer a bed or a sofa, and no matter what, each style will complement one another.

Warm Neutrals

This is a fail-safe option. Colours like off-white, beiges and taupes can be great choices as they complement each other, as well as can be mixed in with bolder cushions. It’s okay to mix and match patterns as long as the palette is still all on the warmer side.

Multi-Coloured Cushions

Along with some neutral cushions, you can add in some fun colours and designs. Multi-coloured cushions are extremely versatile - they match so many different colour palettes and are the perfect way to tie your home décor together. Their pop of colour also helps to make a visual impact in any room. 

Solids and Stripes

Pairing a bold colour, maybe in a velvet fabric, with a striped cushion will always be a classic. This is a great, fun approach that isn’t fussy and offers the perfect balance of bold and simple.

How to Style Your Decorative Pillows

The customer will want to envision how the decorative cushion will look in their own home, so displaying these items on a bed, sofa or chair is the best way to entice a purchase. If you have to put them up on shelves, ensure they are facing out so the customer can easily spot the pattern and fabric.

Don’t go overboard that your customers can no longer sit on the sofa comfortably, especially if you’re wanting to sell the sofa. You don’t want customers to feel like they are being overtaken by throw pillows.

Here are our go-to style tips when displaying cushions in your store:

Stick to Odd Numbers

A beige sofa with five decorative cushions in various shades and patterns

Odd numbers look more casual and less ‘planned’. People often want their home to look like it was completed over time with a more relaxed feel. The go-to cushion amount is commonly 5 on a larger sofa, 3 on a small one.

On Purpose Asymmetry

An image of a perfectly coordinated decorative cushion and throw interiors display

Asymmetry, but in a planned, balanced sort of way. Don’t style the decorative throw pillows by doing the exact thing on each side. It’s also okay to mix up patterns and sizes. As you move towards the inside of the sofa, the pillows should get smaller. This gives a customer’s sofa a professionally designed look.

Mix Patterns & Textures

An image of a modern, yet eclectic living room

On most well-decorated sofas, you will notice a mixture of patterns and textures. It is also very trendy to have sofas and beds full of decorative cushions. Collecting throw pillows and cushions is a hobby for many, and we understand why!


Keep it Simple

Neutral decorative cushions are the perfect way to complete a simplistic home décor vibe

Many of your customers will want to keep their decor more on the simple side, so offering a lot of solid colours in a variety of fabrics, such as linen, is a safe bet. This is great when you specifically don’t want the eye being drawn to the bed or sofa, but rather an art piece or other furniture in the space.

Right-Sized Cushions

Finding the right-sized decorative cushions for your bed can really make a visual impact

Big pillows can make your sofa or bed look small, small pillows can just look odd and out of place. Ensure the size of the cushion matches the piece it will live on and when styling, place the larger pillows behind, layering them.


Interested in Our Wholesale Decorative Cushions?

Now that you are full of style ideas, you need some cushions

Get in touch and we can discuss all your cushion needs, guiding you through the selection process. We also offer a private label program and ship internationally.