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3 Services Reputable Wholesale Bedding Manufacturer Offer

by Mitchell Chitiz

Reputable Wholesale Bedding Manufacturers Offer These Three Things

We’ve spoken at length about how to find a bedding supplier and what questions retailers should be asking a wholesale bedding manufacturer before partnering with them. Yet, one thing that is vital for retailers to understand is exactly what services they should expect to receive. 


As consumer shopping habits are continuously changing, retailers are under increasing pressure to ensure that their inventory reflects the kind of products that customers are searching for online and in-store. In the home goods industry, it is guaranteed that consumers will want to change their bedding products regularly. Whether to suit functional or aesthetic needs, customers will always search for those products that provide them with undeniable comfort. 


For that reason, retailers need to be assured that their chosen bedding manufacturer can provide the services needed to delight customers. Below, we’ll discuss the top three things a high-quality, reputable manufacturer will offer.  

Design Flexibility

As a retail buyer, you already know that your store’s inventory should be a mixture of major trends and unique offerings that aren’t always found in competitor stores. With that in mind, working with a wholesale bedding manufacturer that offers design flexibility will guarantee that your store can meet these objectives. 


For example, a reputable bedding manufacturer should work with you to ensure that each duvet or pillow order not only meet your expectations but is also designed to your specifications. This flexibility may be able to give you more control over the variety and quality of the bedding products being added to your store’s inventory. 

A Private Label Program 

Private label programs are extremely popular and for good reason. A bedding supplier that offers this as a service is a sure sign that you’ll receive high-quality products. 


In short, a private label program allows retail buyers to sell a third-party product under their own branding. This means that you would work with the manufacturer to ensure that product specifications and packaging match your store’s branding. Here at Westex, we have a dedicated team of designers that are happy to collaborate with you to make sure that each product you receive matches your branding perfectly. 


Interested in learning more? Read about the advantages of using a private label program for whole bedding and home goods. 

Next-Level Customer Service 

Last but not least, every bedding supplier or manufacturer that you partner with should always offer next-level customer service. Communication is key, especially in the wholesale bedding industry. With consumer trends changing regularly, manufacturers must provide an open line of communication to discuss last-minute changes to product orders, updates to brand design specifications, and more. 


Here at Westex, we enjoy building close relationships with our retail partners. Our team promises to deliver product orders that are high quality and promptly. As a wholesale bedding manufacturer, we understand your need to provide end-buyer satisfaction. That’s why we work closely with you at every step of the manufacturing and shipping process so that you can delight your customers. 

Interested in Working with a Bedding Manufacturer? Reach Out to Our Team 

Westex is proud to be a leading manufacturer of Down and Down-Alternative luxury bedding in North America. As a family-operated business, we understand the importance of providing our partners with exceptional products and services. 


If you’re a retail buyer looking to make the shift to a new wholesale bedding supplier, get in touch with our team today for more information on partnership opportunities and our product catalogue.