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Visual Merchandising Tips: How to Display Home Décor Products

by Mitchell Chitiz

Being a retailer of home décor products can be tricky. The first step is always to partner with a great home décor wholesale supplier - that’s what Westex is here for. However, once you have your wholesale home décor products you have to get your customers to buy them. 

Properly displaying home décor items will be key to attracting customer attention. As suppliers of wholesale home décor across North America, we’ve learned a lot about the market. We’ll give you a few tips to get the most out of your visual merchandising. 


In-Store and Online

The first thing to remember is that in today’s world, an online marketplace can be just as important as your physical store space. If you’re in the business of home décor and styling, it’s vital to consider every space where your product is being displayed. 


In-Store Tips

Having great visual merchandising in your store will not only encourage customers to buy. It also helps you build up a brand impression in the minds of consumers. Following are some tips to keep your store looking its best. 


Make a Good First Impression

The first display that customers see when they enter your store is always going to be the most important one. This frontal arrangement will be their first impression of your entire store. If it doesn’t look professional and well put together, they might turn around and go right out the door. 

However, it’s not just about looking good - your first display should indicate the variety offered in your store. You don’t want a customer’s first impression to be worry that you might not have the product or style they want. 


Easy to Navigate

Your store will naturally have different display areas for your different products and styles. It’s important to make sure that customers can find the sort of product they are looking for. Make sure that your displays are clearly marked, and that it’s easy to find them in your store. 


Organize Display Areas

You can’t just put your products down on your shop’s floor and expect them to look appealing. The well-thought-out display area is the secret weapon of any wholesale home décor store. You should try to arrange the furnishings in a way that resembles how the pieces might be used in a home. This lets customers visualize how the product might look in their own homes.


Check Your Sightlines 

Nothing must get hidden in your displays. Imagine you are a customer when setting up your display - what are the most important parts of the display? You’ll want those front and center. You also shouldn’t have your displays blocking a clear view of each other in the store. 



If possible, try and arrange your display areas to be interactive. If a customer can see a chair or a bed that’s great, but if you let them sit on it, they’ll be much more likely to decide that they want it in their home. Of course, you’ll have to have Sales Associates ready to keep everything looking tidy - and to help answer questions. 


Sales Associates in Sight 

This doesn’t technically have to do with your displays themselves, but it can often be the most important part of having a good sales environment. You need to make sure that no matter where a customer is, they can get their questions about your products promptly answered. You never want a customer leaving frustrated because of a lack of available help. 

Online Merchandizing Tips

Consumers are increasingly moving their purchasing online. You need to treat your home décor eCommerce website just like it’s another location of your store, with just as much care and attention. 


Front Page

Just like in a physical location, first impressions are key. You want to make sure that the front page of your website looks professional and sleek, and displays your products. If people are looking for home décor and bedding essentials, you want to make sure that they know they’ve arrived at the right place!


Easy Searching and Navigating 

There are more similarities between your digital store and your brick-and-mortar store than just the front page. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, with clearly visible links to different sections and an easy-to-use search bar. If a customer can’t find it, they can’t buy it. 


Quality Photos

Make sure that you use only the highest quality photographs of your product. If your wholesale suppliers can’t provide this, hiring a professional photographer might be the smartest move. 

As a retailer, you want your home décor items such as Down duvets or decorative cushions to look the best they can. A photographer will also be able to take pictures of the product in an actual room, giving customers a better idea of what these items will look like in their home.


Engage with Users

There’s another great way to get images that consumers will love - right from those consumers! You can look into collaborating with Instagram influencers to get them to take pictures of your home décor options in their own living spaces, and then link them on their site. This will give a fresh look to your home décor options, and direct their followers to your website. 

Are You Interested in Partnering with a New Supplier of Home Décor Products? 

Westex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bedding and home décor products. We work with various reputable retail stores in Canada and the United States. If you’re a retailer looking to update your inventory of home décor products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our team will be happy to walk you through our product catalogue and our manufacturing processes. Get in touch for more information today.