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4 Reasons Why Customers Love a Recycled Down Comforter

by Mitchell Chitiz

Recycled Down duvets and comforters are ethically made, luxurious, and high-quality. As a retailer, stocking Recycled Down bedding can help you stand out from the crowd. Below, we’ll look at four reasons why customers love buying Recycled Down products. 

What does it mean to buy a ‘Recycled’ Down duvet?

  • We receive Recycled Down material that is collected all across Europe, thanks to Advanced European Recycling Technology.
  • The Down and feathers are washed (over 100℃), are hypoallergenic, and comply with the strict international standards for sterilization and cleanliness.
  • Once in Canada, we construct and produce the items for sale in-house and internationally.

Why Customers Choose Recycled Down Products?

1. Sustainable Bedding

Above all else, your customers will love how Recycled Down comforters and duvets are one of the most sustainable bedding options on the market. By reusing discarded Down, we are reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in our already overflowing landfill sites and the number of resources needed to manufacture new items.

Employees and customers alike are becoming more and more favourable towards green solutions. Companies that offer environmentally friendly options and solutions often increase their public perception, as well as increase their employee retention.

It is our shared responsibility to protect our planet and minimize our ecological footprint.

2. Quality Comfort

Our Recycled Down comforters are made to the highest standard of quality. Recycled does not mean your customers miss out on comfort and luxury!

The quality and comfort difference between a brand new Down duvet and a recycled one will never be noticed because there isn’t one! The materials are sanitized and cleaned just as a virgin Down item would be. Customers are receiving brand new, high-quality items that don't harm the environment. Win-win.

We are proud of our extensive quality control processes, audited by Bureau Veritas. With top quality management at all levels of our production, quality assurance happens at shipping & handling, production, and customer service. Your customers only receive our best.

3. Ethically Sourced

While Down comforters are some of the highest quality, light, and breathable on the market, some manufacturers still source their Down in unethical ways. This is mainly seen in farms that conduct cruel practices to get the Down and feathers from the birds. 

This is why we proudly offer Recycled Down products that offer the same comfort and quality while protecting the environment and the animals.

For the limited amount of virgin Down we do use, it is all ethically sourced from Canadian suppliers such as the Hutterite communities or the Brome Lake region of Quebec and Europe! These are self-sustaining communities across Canada that eat geese and duck as their main source of food. They do not use growth hormones or overfeed their animals. The birds can grow to maturity and spend their lives grazing the landscape. 

The Down is then sold to companies like us, rather than being treated as waste.

4. Canadian Made

As a Canadian, family-owned, and operated business there is a more hands-on, personal approach to what we do and the connections we make with our customers. As the leading Recycled Down duvet manufacturer in North America, we are dedicated to a greener, more ethical future.

All of our Recycled Down is shipped in from Europe to a Toronto facility, where all of our Down and feather products are sterilized and processed. Our staff is full of highly motivated, awesome people making top-quality Canadian products for our customers locally and internationally.

Interested in Selling Recycled Down Duvets and Comforters?

Luxury at almost no cost to our planet. Now that is something your customers can get behind!

We also have a wide range of Down comforters and duvets that are always filled with ethically sourced, Canadian Down. We also offer a range of other products, including Down alternatives, that could be suitable for your business.

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