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Down vs Down Alternative Pillows: What are the Benefits of Each?

by Mitchell Chitiz

When consumers are looking to buy pillows for their bed, they are met with two options: A Down pillow or a Down-Alternative pillow. As a physical or online retail store, you must be prepared to meet the needs, wants, and demands of your customers - that means providing them with various luxury bedding options. 

In this article, we will look at each pillow option and explain why retail buyers should be considering ordering both pillow types in bulk from an experienced Down and Down-Alternative bedding manufacturer. 


The Luxurious Comfort of Bedding: The Role That Pillows Play


We’ve spoken at length before about how important pillows are for our quality of sleep. But they also play a large role when it comes to achieving luxury comfort at bedtime. 

Regardless of whether your retail store is stocking the best in Egyptian cotton bed sheets or the plushiest of Down comforters, if your customers don’t have a high-quality pillow to rest their head on then they won’t know the true joys of luxury bedding. 

As a retail buyer, it is your job to make sure that each customer that visits your store has everything that they need for a night of peaceful sleep. That means ensuring that the wholesale pillows you order are made using high-quality materials and via sustainable means. 


Down vs Down-Alternative Pillows: Benefits of Each Wholesale Pillow Type

As you know, your store caters to multiple customers that vary in demographics, interests, and needs. While one customer may only ever purchase bedding essentials that are filled with goose Down, another may be in search of a more sustainable option such as bamboo. That’s why having a varied inventory when organizing your wholesale pillow order is key. 

Below, we’ll look at the benefits of Down pillows and Down-Alternative pillows that customers love the most. 


Benefits of Down Pillows

Down pillows have long been associated with luxury. They provide extreme levels of comfort and softness while also promising a long shelf life. The filling, which is collected from the underbelly of the geese and ducks, is known primarily for its soft and fluffy characteristics. While some debate which type of Down is better, there is no denying that this wholesale pillow option adds superior comfort to your retail store. 

Additional benefits that your customers will receive include: 

  • Extra Support - A Down and feather triple-chamber pillow is moldable meaning that it’s guaranteed to hold its shape well providing excellent support to customers. Due to the natural softness of the Down, this pillow type can contour easily to the shape of the head and neck. 
  • Durable - Down pillows are known for their longevity especially if they are high-quality. A customer that purchases a Down pillow and treats it with care can expect it to last for up to 15 years. 
  • Breathable Material - Down material provides natural breathability meaning that this type of pillow is great for temperature control. It allows heat and moisture to easily escape so that it doesn’t overheat in the summer months. 
  • Benefits of Down-Alternative Pillows

    Those customers looking for a Down-Alternative pillow are spoiled for choice. Down-Alternative pillows are generally manufactured by wholesale pillow suppliers using various materials including silk, bamboo, and recycled microgel. 

    While they are made with various synthetic or natural materials, they do share one core similarity with Down pillows - softness. Down-Alternative pillows offer a plush feel that is both shapeable and squeezable, making pillow fluffing easy.

    Other benefits that your customers can expect to receive when buying Down-Alternative pillows include:


    • Hypoallergenic properties - Down-Alternative pillows are considered to be naturally hypoallergenic making them perfect for those individuals who tend to suffer from allergies during the night. 
    • Budget-friendly comfort - Not all of your clientele will have the same budget when it comes to buying luxury bedding. Down-Alternative pillows provide the same comfort level as Down pillows but on a more budget-friendly price tag making them accessible to every type of customer. 
    • Temperature regulation - For those customers who are hot sleepers, purchasing a bamboo pillow is a perfect choice. As a Down-Alternative pillow material, bamboo retains less heat than that of other fills meaning that those who get very warm when asleep won’t wake up out of discomfort. 

    Why Retail Buyers Should Work with An Experienced Down and Down-Alternative Bedding Manufacturer

    Your customers rely on your store to provide them with high-quality products. That is why when it comes to sourcing wholesale pillow suppliers you should always ensure to work with an experienced Down and Down-Alternative manufacturer.

    Unfortunately, suppliers can label their products as being manufactured with quality Down or Down-Alternative materials when that is anything but the truth. There are many companies out there that have unknowingly sold fake Down products to their customers as a result of being misled. 

    At Westex, we are a DOWNMARK certified manufacturer of duvets, pillows, and other bedding essentials. We also proudly supply retail stores with various Down-Alternative options such as our Westex Bamboo Premium Standard Pillow

    Our family-run company understands the importance of providing high-quality products at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a new wholesale pillow supplier in North America to work with, contact our team today.