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Best Ironing Accessories For Small Apartments & Homes

by Mitchell Chitiz

Not everyone lives in a three-storey, four-bedroom home complete with guest rooms, in-house gyms, present wrapping rooms, and, yes, laundry rooms. Many of us live in hobbit holes with barely enough space for a double bed, let alone excessive ironing accessories. 

The one thing we basement dwellers and apartment occupants have in common is our ability to adapt to a minuscule space. We purchase dinettes instead of dining tables and loveseats instead of wraparound couches. But when it comes to laundry, we’ve always struggled to find room for so many large appliances and accessories. 

Read on for the best ironing pads and ironing accessories for less-than-gigantic homes.

2-in1 Steamer & Ironing Pad

First things first, consumers living in small spaces should consider losing the chunky iron and picking up a handheld steamer. These helpful appliances are size-appropriate for any condo (read: cupboard) your customers may live in. 

But clunky irons aside, the bigger issue is ironing boards. These behemoths take up a lot of real estate that many consumers just aren’t willing to give up. This is especially true when their home is only equipped with one or two gnome-sized closets.

To solve this problem, we highly recommend our 2-in-1 Steamer & Ironing Pad. For classic irons, this practical tool has a heat-resistant layer that makes it safe to iron on any surface—kitchen counter, bed, the-only-three-square-feet-of-empty-floor-space-not-in-use, etc. 

Meanwhile, individuals who use steamers can safely hang this pad from any door frame without fear of staining or burning the paint behind it.

Other benefits of our 2-in-1 Steamer & Ironing Pad include heat reflection for faster, more effective ironing, as well as a silicone base to prevent slipping. It even rolls up into a neat little roll no bigger than a yoga mat. It can be tucked away in any closet or—best of all—suitcase/carry-on for your customers’ on-the-road ironing needs.

Wood and Velvet hangers & Accessories

In extreme cases, some tiny homes may not even have enough closet storage for clothes. Rather, visible clothes racks need to be wheeled in to hang your customer’s freshly laundered shirts and tees. 

In this case, we’ve always found it best to have stylish hangers that aren’t a total eye-sore. Items such as our wood clothes hangers and velvet clothes hangers have the power to transform your customer’s home into an innovative and luxurious open-concept design.

Depending on your customer’s needs, we have wood hangers specifically designed for suits, shirts, dresses, skirts and pants. These unique designs prevent unwanted creases.

Attractive Iron Accessories 

While all the aforementioned irons and ironing accessories are on scale with your customer’s itty-bitty home, another solution to hiding appliances is to not hide them at all.

What we mean to say is rather than buying a small appliance that fits into a broom closet, why not buy a regular-sized appliance that’s visually appealing enough to be left out? Specifically, we’re thinking about our beautiful iron board covers.

At Westex, we have a wide range of iron board covers for both small ironing boards and standard-sized ironing boards. From neutral tones to bold colours and patterns, our roster of iron board covers will make any ironing board seamlessly fit into your customer’s space.

Looking to Add Small Ironing Accessories to Your Product Line?

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