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Why Sleep Is Better on a Bamboo Bed

by Mitchell Chitiz

When you think of bamboo, you likely picture a hard, fibrous green plant that grows tall and straight. And if you’re like many others, the sight of an adorable baby panda chewing a bamboo shoot comes to mind. What many of us don’t associate bamboo with is sleep. 

Bamboo bedding, although quite popular, is not the typical choice of bedding for North Americans. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be ignored. Bedding essentials that use bamboo material can have a profound effect on your sleep quality and in turn, your overall health and wellbeing. It’s also great for the environment, so that’s a definite bonus. 

A Green Solution

Did you know that bamboo grows in diverse climates and doesn’t require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow? It can actually grow up to 36 inches PER DAY (!!), making it a renewable and quickly replenishable source of material. 

It produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent amount of trees, yet requires no irrigation and is carbon-neutral. This makes bamboo a wonderfully green and sustainable option for bedding. 


Bamboo Bedding - Nature's “Cure” for Nighttime Allergies

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you no doubt have experienced countless nights where itching, coughing, and wheezing robbed you of precious sleep. Your go-to solution might be an over-the-counter antihistamine like Benadryl or Claritin. However, the source of your allergies may be your bed itself, especially if there are dust mites and allergy-causing bacteria in your bed. 

A bamboo duvet or bamboo mattress protector, for example, can remedy this situation because the materials are naturally hypoallergenic, effectively blocking out particles and mites that may trigger a nighttime allergy attack. You will finally regain those deep restful nights of sleep, and you can keep the allergy meds in the bathroom cabinet. 

Bamboo Bedding Keeps Your Body Temperature Regulated

Some people need to sleep with the covers off because they get too hot. Other people need to sleep with the covers on because they get too cold. Of course, this can be a source of frustration when one-half of a couple needs the cover on while the other party needs it off. 

Fortunately, bamboo is a natural temperature regulator. Bamboo fiber is very porous (it has lots of holes) which makes it breathable and promotes a free flow of air through the material. That means the bed will have a more neutral or mid-ranged temperature, devoid of excess heat or undue cold. 

Another reason why bamboo excels at temperature regulation comes from its natural moisture-wicking ability. Sweating - and we all sweat at night to some extent - can throw your body temperature off. 

Bamboo absorbs sweat, which, in turn, evaporates. Naturally, that means you will stay dry, which means a more comfortable night of sleep. 


The All-Encompassing Benefits of Better Sleep 

Make no mistake - chronic sleep deprivation WILL affect your life negatively. Sometimes, unrestful or uncomfortable sleep may be the result of some underlying condition, but at times, it could be due to your bedding. 

It’s an unfortunate reality that so many people could improve their sleep simply by choosing better bedding. And they could reap the benefits of consistent, restful sleep including

  • Improved concentration and productivity throughout the day
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Decreased risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and blood sugar problems
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Better immune system function 
  • Better emotional and mental state 
  • Better weight management 

Who doesn’t want to experience these benefits? True, many of these health benefits are tied to diet, exercise and stress management, but sleep - quality sleep - is key as well. So, don’t let the wrong choice of bedding affect your life. 

If you haven’t considered sleeping with bamboo bedding, now might be the time to give it try, especially if you’re dealing with back issues, nighttime allergies or temperature “extremes”. 


Choosing the Right Bamboo Bedding

Of course, not all types of bamboo bedding are made equal. First off, you can get bamboo duvets, pillow protectors, mattress toppers, sheets and more. They also differ in terms of quality as well.

There are a few traits you want to consider when looking for a good bamboo product. You should also be aware of the different types of bamboo products available to you. That will ensure what you buy isn’t second-rate or cheap in any sense. 

A Peek at Our Bamboo Bedding Products

Here at Westex, we produce bamboo products that are eco-friendly and that confer all of the benefits mentioned above (i.e., hypoallergenic, breathable, etc.). Some of our specialties include bamboo mattress and pillow protectors. 

  • Westex Waterproof Hypoallergenic Bamboo Mattress Protector - This bamboo mattress protector is waterproof, yet breathable, soft, hypoallergenic, and easily fits most mattresses thanks to its 4-way stretch skirt design. 


    Don’t Get Bamboozled Out of Restful Sleep

    Don’t let anything deprive you of sleep or comfortable sleep, especially your bedding - that would be a crime. 

    You should be able to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up without anything interrupting the process. Bamboo bedding can make that possible. If you’re looking for an effective and environmentally-friendly solution to your nighttime discomforts, bamboo might be just the answer you’re looking for.