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How to Care For Your Canadian Down Duvet

by Mitchell Chitiz

Canadian Down Duvets: The Ultimate Source of Comfort

When it comes to our beds, nothing says comfort more than Canadian Down. Duvets made with this filling are warm, comfortable, and snuggly - what more could you want? If you are one of the lucky individuals to own a Canadian Down duvet then you know just how special and delicate these bedding products are. 

When caring for bedding that requires a little bit of extra TLC, it is important to follow the care instructions on the label to make sure that you get the most out of your product. You care for your bed sheets and pillowcases, so you shouldn’t ignore your duvet either. 

If you are looking for tips on the correct way to care for your Canadian Down duvet, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be looking at how to wash, dry, and store it correctly. 


How To Store and Wash a Down Duvet: Top Tips

First, before you do anything, check the care tag. In some cases, you may need to get your duvet professionally dry cleaned rather than attempting to wash it yourself (e.g. if the fabric is extremely delicate). However, if the cover of your duvet is made from cotton or a cotton-blend, you can easily wash and dry it yourself. 


Down Duvet Washing & Drying Tips

You should aim to wash your Down duvet at least once a year but more washes may be necessary if there’s frequent staining. Keep in mind that washing a duvet is not a quick process - give yourself a full afternoon for washing this item.

What exactly will you need to do? 

  • Use an extra large-capacity, front-loading washer and dryer for a queen or king-sized duvet, as you will need to spread the duvet out fully for maximum cleaning. 
  • Gentle and mild detergent is advised to protect and adequately clean the Down.
  • Set the washer to a delicate cycle and make sure the water temperature is warm.  
  • Once the cycle is complete, place the duvet into the dryer with tennis balls and set it to the lowest heat cycle. Every half hour, take the duvet out and give it a gentle fluff.
  • The drying process should take approximately three to four hours for your Down-filled duvet to be thoroughly dry. 

Storing Tips  

Part of caring for your Canadian Down duvet means storing it properly. While we have answered the question of how to store a duvet in another post, here’s a brief recap of what you need to keep in mind. 

The trick to storing a Down duvet is making sure that its storage location is free from damp, moisture, and any other condition that leads to the build-up of dust mites, mould, and mildew. Think of somewhere that is airy, cool, and dry. Lastly, always keep your duvet stored in a breathable cotton storage bag. 


Snuggle Up With Canadian Down

Here at Westex, our Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down duvet and Brome Lake Duck Down duvets are ethically sourced and made from 100% Canadian goose and duck Down feathers. 

These duvets are covered with combed cotton and are treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology to make sure that they offer great support, comfort, and are extremely hypoallergenic. However, like with all products, without the right level of care, they won’t last for long. 

To make sure that you can snuggle up with your Canadian Down duvet for many years to come make sure that you’re washing, drying, and storing it correctly. We promise that you won’t regret it.