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How to Choose the Right Winter Duvet For Your Bed

by Mitchell Chitiz

Face the Chill with a Comfy Winter Duvet


The summer season is truly over and as we move further into fall it means one thing only - winter is on the way. While some will delight at the thoughts of chillier temperatures, others will cringe with fear. You’ll need to ensure that your bedding matches the drop in temperature, especially your duvet. 

While you might have been able to survive the summer months with just a bedsheet, the same can’t be said for colder months. As temperatures drop, it is important that you update your duvet to one that will keep you cozy, comfy, and warm. Not only will this help you sleep more comfortably but it can also ensure that your immune system is better prepared to fight off the annual illnesses that winter brings (e.g. colds, sniffles and sore throats). 

In this article, we’re going to equip you with the knowledge you need to help you pick the perfect winter Down duvet for your bed. Comfort and coziness await. 


How to Choose the Perfect Winter Down Duvet


If you have never invested in a Down duvet before then you’re in for a treat. These duvets, especially when purchased from a reliable and Downmark certified manufacturer,  are typically made of high-quality material and have a life expectancy of upwards of 10 years (when looked after properly that is - see our post on Down duvet care tips).

Picking the right winter duvet for you can be a little like the Goldilocks story. There are some that will be too light, too heavy, too flat, too fluffy, too hot or too cold. That’s why it is important to keep a few essential factors in mind: fill weight, loft, thread count, and construction method.


Down Duvet Fill Weight & Loft


Ask yourself what kind of sleeper you are. Are you a hot sleeper or do you tend to get cold very easily? Does the idea of having a heavy blanket around you bring thoughts of comfort or would it be your worst nightmare? The answer to these questions will help you decide what the fill weight and loft of your duvet should be.

When it comes to Down duvets, fill weight refers to the amount of fill that is used in a product. The higher the fill weight in ounces, the heavier it will be. On the other hand, loft is the measure of how fluffy the Down clusters are. A duvet with a loft level between 400 and 600 is considered the perfect all-year-round duvet. However, if you’re looking for a true winter Down duvet, look for a loft level of over 800.  


Thread Count


A duvet’s outer casing will most commonly be judged by its thread count. Often a thread count of 220 and higher is considered as Down-proof so you can rest assured knowing that no Down clusters will escape the duvet shell. 

A higher thread count does mean that you can expect an outer layer that is made with soft and light fabric. Therefore, your winter duvet will be very soft and smooth to the touch. The outer shell of a Down duvet can also be made from alternative fibres such as bamboo which offers great temperature regulation properties - perfect for a warm sleeper. 


Construction Method


Finally, the last factor you should consider is how you want your winter duvet to be constructed. There are many different methods of construction such as ‘baffle box’ or ‘stitched box’.  

A baffle box design (a grid box design stitch) is most commonly used as it allows enough space for the Down to remain evenly distributed and for it to loft correctly. This design leaves no cold spots and makes sure that you receive your desired level of warmth. A stitched box design, on the other hand, means that the stitching goes through the ticking. This can cause cold spots especially along sew lines where Down is scarce. 


Snuggling Up with Your Duvet This Winter


The right winter Down duvet will be different for everyone. For one person, it will be the heaviest and warmest duvet on the market while for another it could mean a Down duvet with a loft level of 400 or under. Whatever your ideal duvet for winter looks like, it is important that you buy Down bedding products from a reputable manufacturer and supplier. 

Here at Westex, we are proud to be members of the Down Association of Canada. We also ensure that all of our Canadian Down pillows and Down duvets use the highest quality of Hutterite and Brome Lake Down and has been treated using Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology. We also take the topic of sustainability very seriously and include both recycled Down, and Down-Alternative options as part of our product catalogue. 

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, we can guarantee that you’ll find the perfect winter duvet to snuggle up under during the colder weather for years to come.