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Embracing Colour: The Decorative Cushions That Are Stealing the Show This Summer

by Mitchell Chitiz

Colour and sunshine go hand in hand. When the warmer months roll around, the deep shades and muted hues of winter are replaced with eye-catching neons and candy-coloured pastels. There is just something about the summer months that makes everyone want to freshen up their décor with the latest interior trends. 

Below, we’ll look at the top wholesale decorative cushion designs that will be stealing the show in retail stores across North America this summer. 

Why Decorative Cushions Are the Perfect Home Accessories This Summer

While some consumers decide to freshen up their furniture choices as well, most look for easier ways to change up their home décor as summer approaches. Decorative cushions are typically a customer’s first port of call. These home accessories are a super affordable way for consumers to create a new atmosphere for their homes while the temperatures rise outside. 

Opting for fresh colours, patterns, and textures is a great way for customers to embrace the season and to turn their home into the perfect indoor summer paradise. Not only does a summery decorative cushion add a pop of colour to a room but in some cases, it can even help to lift an individual’s mood too. 

Freshening Up: The Wholesale Decorative Cushion Trends Customers Are Loving This Summer

As retailers, you’ll know how important it is to change up your stock to reflect seasonal trends and changes - decorative cushion offerings included. With that in mind, below are the hottest interior décor trends that customers are fans of this summer. 

Unconventional and Eccentric Patterns

Bold and eccentric patterns are paving the way for summer interior décor this year. Think clashing prints, boho vibes, embroidery and engraving. Consumers can easily bring a unique element to any room by adding eclectic patterns and textures. A geometric print is a perfect way to achieve this. 

With rich, artistic and colourful patterns, wholesale decorative cushions like the pattern pictured below can add an undeniable individuality to any room’s décor for a next-level summer vibe.

Decorative summer pillow from Westex

Luxurious Textures

While colours can brighten up a room, textures add an extra dimension to truly freshen up a room’s aesthetic. Fabrics and embellishments such as chenille, linen, braids, and fringes are the essence of beachy, boho vibes. While not a new trend, accentuating a home with those decor accessories which look and feel effortless is not going away anytime soon. 

We can guarantee that many homeware customers will be looking for new decorative cushions in the months to come that will tick these requirements. And who can blame them? 

Elegant Minimalism

Minimalism will never lose its relevance. It has cemented itself as a state of living rather than just another seasonal trend. Matching shades to complement existing furniture, walls or floors is an elegant way that customers can refresh their living spaces this summer. Overlapping shades often create a harmonious, cozy effect that can be hard to replicate with other patterns. 

Westex pillow Westex soft pillow

Floral Patterns With a Modern Twist 

Floral designs are the epitome of the spring and summer seasons. Nothing says warm weather and sunshine than a pop of delicate and colourful petals and foliage. Floral patterns are currently trending - they can give a customer’s space both a modern feel or a shabby chic atmosphere. 

While these wholesale decorative cushions will come in various patterns and colours, bright yellows and blush pinks are making their mark. Perfect for the living room, bedroom or kitchen, these patterns will not go amiss in your customers’ homes. 

Yellow pillow

Pretty Pastels 

Candy-coloured pastels will always have a place in summer interior design trends. From delicate pinks, light blue hues to calming lavender shades, these discrete yet eye-catching decorative cushion covers know how to make a refreshing impact on a home. Ideal for a bedroom or a kids’ playroom, there will always be those customers who reach for these shades to brighten their homes every year. 


Stocking Your Decorative Cushion Showroom for Summer?

As wholesale cushion suppliers, we understand the importance of matching your customers’ needs especially when it comes to updating their homes. We supply decorative cushions and throw pillows in various shapes, colours, and sizes to meet your customers’ needs.

For more information on our product catalogue, reach out and contact our team today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our products or partnership opportunities.