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Wholesale Decorative Cushions: What Style Trends Are Expected For 2021?

by Mitchell Chitiz

At Westex International, we always look forward to unveiling new collections of wholesale decorative cushions and throw pillows.

2021 is no different. Thanks to a pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named, consumers are spending more time than ever in their homes, and therefore, have more reason than ever to freshen up their personal spaces with beautiful pillows and décor. Ultimately making this year’s unveiling more exciting than ever.

So, what are some of the trends you can expect from our wholesale decorative cushions in 2021?

Well, in Spring & Summer expect to see bright and minimalist florals as well as hints of nature and fauna. Come Fall, you’ll see velvet and metallics used in unique and interesting ways. Meanwhile, mid-century modern will be making a (re-)reappearance through asymmetrical shapes, subdued colour schemes and simple patterns.

Read on for all of the trends you can expect over the next months as well as how your customers can incorporate them into their homes.


The Trend: Florals For Spring

We know what you’re thinking: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

But before you go throwing Meryl quotes at us like tomahawks (spoiler: don’t bother—we’re Meryl-quote-wielding’ wizards), hear us out. This Spring, florals are blooming all over the home decor map. Decorative cushions are just a small part of it. We’re seeing aggressive floral wallpapers, vibrant floral artwork, floral drapes, floral upholstery, and floral tiling.

What makes this Spring’s florals unique is the difference in their bold colour palettes. Instead of the blushing roses, subdued tulips or even the faint purple hydrangeas of recent years, we’ve added daisies as bright as the sun and bouquets the colour of pink champagne.


How to Incorporate Floral Decorative Cushions

Floral decorative cushions are a bold choice. Especially our bright 2021 designs.

We recommend customers use our floral cushions and throw pillows as a gorgeous pop of colour in their rooms. For example, add one of our yellow daisy cushions to an off-white couch with a couple of complementary neutral shades.

Alternatively, consumers with a keen eye can use our decorative cushions to mix-and-match designs. The desired effect is an over-the-top appearance featuring complimentary floral prints. A word of caution: be careful not to overdo it. This design aesthetic can become cluttered quickly.


Our Floral Cushion Designs

If you’re interested in adding a touch of floriculture to your offering, here are a few of our latest floral wholesale cushions and throw pillows coming in 2021.


Westex wholesale floral decorative cushions

The Trend: Geometrics

While florals may seem obvious, geometrics were likely not on your radar. Over the coming year, you can expect to see both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs that will catch the eye and steal the heart.

On the symmetrical side of things, you’ll notice repetitive patterns intended to punch up a room. The colours can range from neutral tones to bright explosions of colour, allowing the patterns to speak for themselves.

On the asymmetrical side, we’ve added a collection of designs that would impress Piet Cornelis Mondrian himself—the father of asymmetrical colour blocking. But unlike Mondarian’s tendency for aggressive primary colours, our geometric styles tend to favour neutrals and multi-coloured patterns.


How to Incorporate Geometric Throw Pillows and Cushions

Like our floral wholesale throw pillows and cushions, our multi-colour geometric and colour-block designs should speak for themselves. For example, just one of these boldly printed designs will add a certain je ne sais quoi to the room. Too many and the eye may not know where to look. Feel free to mix and match neutral geometric designs more liberally though, with the occasional bold cushion in-between.


Our Geometric Cushion Styles

Like a winning game of Tetris, our geometric wholesale decorative cushions will fit perfectly into your physical store or e-commerce site.


Westex's collection of geometric print decorative cushions

The Trend: Mid-Century Modern

One of our favourite trends this year is the re-introduction of mid-century modern.

You may remember a few years ago when Mad Men was at its peak, mid-century furniture, colour palettes and aesthetics were completely in vogue. But as Peggy marched off our screens with a cigarette in her mouth and a cardboard box of office supplies in her arms, so too was our groovy wallpaper ripped down.

But in 2021, we’re incorporating the practical design known for its smooth lines, organic curves and love of different materials in our wholesale decorative cushions. And among the defining characteristics of the beloved era are embroidered velvet and the era’s ubiquitous tanned/burnt colour palette.


How to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Decorative Cushions

Our versatile mid-century designs can easily melt into a wide range of rooms. While they can certainly play second fiddle to bold wallpapers and statement art, they’re also completely capable of being the statement piece.

We particularly love incorporating multiple mid-century throw pillows and cushions on one bed or sofa — combining various colours and textures for depth. This approach is most effective in odd numbers so aim for three, five or even seven pillows.


Our Mid-Century Collection

Here’s a taste of our mid-century wholesale throw pillows and decorative cushions that will be added to our collection later this year.


Westex's mid-century wholesale throw cushions are stylish, vibrant and a welcome addition to your home furnishings


The Trend: Velvet & Metallic


Our final style trend is a blend of our two favourite fabrics: lush, rich velvet and bold, industrial metallic.

The combination of these contrasting fabrics creates a rich, luxe design aesthetic that conjures the wealth and exuberance of the 80’s. It is a bold trend, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement and elevate a room.

Our velvet and metallic colour palettes are the result of stewing together two parts glitz, one part excess, and a touch of sass. Although not for everyone, this sumptuous look is perfect for those willing to make a strong, bold design choice.


How to Incorporate Velvet & Metallic Patterned Cushions and Throw pillows

We’ll say it again: this is a strong, bold design choice.

Customers interested in these striking designs should aim to incorporate them into an already stylish room. They need to match the mood—ideally a sensual bedroom or atmospheric den. They wouldn’t be the most ideal choice in bright, well-lit spaces. Nor on white furniture or against white/off-white walls.


Our Velvet & Metallic Throw Pillows and Cushions

Take a moment to reflect on the beauty of these wholesale decorative cushions.


Westex will be introducing a selection of metallic decorative cushions as part of our 2021 collection

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