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Top Clothing Organizers That All Consumers Need in Their Online Cart

by Mitchell Chitiz

All consumers know that a washer and dryer are vital components for laundering clothes. However, other accessories are just as important for keeping laundry organized, crease-free and functional. We believe that laundry care doesn’t end in the laundry room - it should be a core part of how we organize and store our clothing items long after the wash cycle is over. Below, we will look at the top clothing organization accessories that all retailers should stock for their customers. 

Clothing Organizers Are A Customer’s Best Friend. Here’s Why

It’s no wonder why the home organization industry has always been popular - consumers like it when their homes are neat, tidy, and functional. While this will always be true for areas of the home such as the kitchen or living room, it also applies to our closets too. 

There is nothing worse than spending time and effort steaming or ironing a clothing item only for it to become creased shortly after because you don’t have adequate storage space. Or perhaps, you decided to do a spring clean of your clothes and found the sweater you were missing for over a year. Closets are one of the most common areas of a consumer’s home to become disorganized - they become filled with items that aren’t used or even wanted. 

However, with the right clothing organization tools, consumers can easily keep their closets and storage areas on track. Here are some of the top benefits they receive when these items are stocked in-store: 

  • Saves time - When clothing is organized and stored clearly and visibly it makes it much easier for consumers to save time getting ready every day. No more searching for a favourite shirt or pair of jeans five minutes before you have to leave the house. 
  • Saves money - When closet organization falls to the wayside, it leads to consumers forgetting what items of clothing they own. But, once everything is accessible consumers can take stock of what they own. This saves on money and allows spending to be focused on other areas of the home such as bedding or home décor. 
  • Frees up storage space - For those consumers that are living in smaller living spaces, having closet organization accessories helps them to use their storage space more effectively. 
  • Increased clarity - Cluttered spaces in our homes can lead to a cluttered mind. When our closets aren’t organized properly it can lead to frustration, agitation, and makes it harder to make decisions. A well-organized closet, however, allows consumers to easily choose their outfits for the day hassle-free. 

  • Many retail stores stock products that improve the organization of a customer’s kitchen, bathroom, or office space. Why shouldn’t our closets receive the same level of attention? 

    Westex’s Collection of Closet Organizers and Laundry Accessories 

    At Westex, we understand the importance of keeping a home clean and well-organized. Our product collection includes various clothing and laundry accessories to help your customer keep their clothes clean and stylish. 

    Non-Slip Velvet & Wooden Hangers

    Westex’s range of luxury hangers allows customers to easily store their clothing items using lightweight, durable and space-saving tools. Our Velvet Non-Slip Hangers offer a slim, sturdy design and are made using a non-slip velvet finish which provides great grip - meaning clothes won’t easily slide off the rails. 

    Westex hangers


    As an alternative, we also have a collection of wooden hangers that come in various styles - suit hangers, shirt hangers, and pants or skirt hangers. These hangers offer stability and longevity ensuring that they will part of a customer’s closet for a very long time. 

    Cedar Closet Accessory Set

    Cedar Closet Accessory Set


    Once a customer has their closet organized, they need to make sure that their clothes stay in great condition once they’ve been laundered. One aspect that consumers can often forget about closet organization is how to prevent the build-up of mould, and how to stop damage from moths and other insects. 


    Westex’s Cedar Closet Plank and Ball Accessory Set are made with 100% American cedar and expertly keeps clothing safe by reducing moisture levels in the air and naturally protects against clothing against pests. Simply hang the cedar planks on the rails in a closet and place the cedar balls among storage shelves.

    2-in-1 Steamer Pad & Ironing Blanket

    2-in-1 Steamer Pad & Ironing Blanket

    Lastly, the Westex 2-in-1 Hanging Steamer Pad and Ironing Blanket is the perfect laundry accessory for those customers looking to improve their clothing organization. Using this in conjunction with luxury hangers will ensure that clothes look sleek and sophisticated for longer. The portable steamer pad can easily be hung on the back of any door, is made with steam and heat protection layers, and its compact design allows customers to bring it with them on the go. 

    Offering multiple benefits, this laundry accessory is loved by many customers across North America. For more information, read our latest product highlight blog on the 2-in-1 Hanging Steamer Pad.

    Are You a Retailer Looking to Update Your Home Product Offerings? 

    Westex is a proud manufacturer of bedding and home décor products based in North America. Over the years, we’ve partnered with retail brands such as Wayfair, Home Sense, Hudson’s Bay and more. If you are looking to expand your homeware product selection, get in touch with our team for information on our product catalogue and partnership opportunities.