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Retailer Buying Guide: Q&A with a Pillow Manufacturer

by Mitchell Chitiz

Every night customers all over North America lay their tired and weary heads on a pillow in the hopes that they’ll drift comfortably to sleep. While this won’t always happen, having a soft, cozy sleeping pillow certainly helps. 

As a retailer, you’ll know that choosing what kind of bed pillows you stock in-store and online comes with a lot of responsibility. There is very little room for error - after all, consumers are relying on you to give them access to the softest and comfiest pillows on the market. Feeling the pressure? You don’t have to as long as you work with the right pillow manufacturer and supplier. 

Below, we’ll talk about the top considerations that all retail stores should keep in mind when looking to partner with a pillow manufacturer in North America. 

Pillow Manufacturer Q&A: Popular Questions Westex Are Asked 

As a manufacturer of Down and Down-Alternative pillows, our team knows how important it is to stock the right products for your store. That’s why we want to take some of the worries out of finding the perfect wholesale bed pillows. Below is a selection of the top questions that we’ve been asked time and again by existing and prospective retail partners. 

Q. How Many Sleeping Pillows Can Westex Manufacture in One Day? 

Right now, our facility can manufacture over 12,000 sleeping pillows on any given day. At Westex, our bed pillow collection offers both Down, Feather, and Down-Alternative options to suit each of your customers’ needs. 

Q. What is the Manufacturing Process for Down Pillows? 

All of our Down bedding products are proudly manufactured with the utmost care in our Toronto facility. Our team has access to an exclusive supply of Canadian Hutterite Down which is sourced from the Hutterite colonies in Alberta. We also partner with European suppliers to manufacture our Recycled Down bedding product line. 

Once the cleaned and sterilized fill has arrived at our facility, our team uses state-of-the-art European machines to fill our Down pillows.

Q. What Are Down-Alternative Pillows Filled With? 

Our Down-Alternative pillow range offers retailers the ability to cater to every customer’s preferences and needs. These pillows are made using various materials such as cotton, bamboo, silk, and recycled microgel. Similar to Down pillows, these products provide undeniable comfort and softness to customers. 

Q. What is Westex’s Quality Control and Assurance Process? 

Here at Westex, we understand the importance of providing retailers and their customers with high-quality bedding products. Too often we have heard of those companies that claim to be selling genuine Down duvets and pillows when they are anything but. 

For that reason, we have extensive quality control and assurance processes that have been verified by Bureau Veritas. We have managers at all stages of the manufacturing and shipping process who run rigorous quality testing to make sure all products are made to the highest of standards. Only once these tests have been passed, will products be sent out to retail brands and their customers. 

Q. Is There a Minimum Order Quantity? 

Yes, there is. At Westex, we require all orders to be a minimum of $5000 and all products must be ordered in case packs as per the price list we provide on inquiry. We proudly supply our pillows to many reputable retail brands across North America and Europe, such as HomeSense, Wayfair, Hudson’s Bay, and Lowes. 

Q. How Long is Lead Time for Orders? 

Lead time for orders can vary depending on multiple factors such as time of the year and factory availability. With that said, we aim to have our products on your shelves within a few weeks. 

Q. What Certifications Does Westex Hold?

As a Down pillow manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to be members of the Down Association of Canada. All of our Down bedding products are DOWNMARK® certified and sourced using responsible and ethical practices. Make sure to check for our DOWNMARK® labels on all of your product orders. 

Choosing the Best Pillow Supplier for Your Retail Store

Finding a good pillow manufacturer is key to stocking your store with the products that will excite and delight your customers the most. When meeting a prospective pillow supplier or manufacturer, it is always recommended to prepare a list of questions you want answered, ask for references, and to check their certifications. 

Looking to partner with a wholesale bed pillow manufacturer based in North America? Reach out to our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about our products or partnership process. Contact us today.