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Bedding Buying Guide: Tips for Finding a High-Quality Wholesale Bedding Distributor

by Mitchell Chitiz

Deciding to partner with a wholesale bedding distributor and manufacturer shouldn’t be taken lightly and it should never be a rushed process. If you want to run a successful retail store, you will need to choose your partnerships wisely.

If you are struggling to find a high-quality wholesale bedding distributor, this article will give you the top tips all bedding retailers need to follow in order to find the perfect company to partner with. 


Understanding Wholesale as a Business

There are many different types of wholesalers out there who work through different distribution channels and supply chains. The retail chain starts with manufacturers, which includes importers or distributors, wholesalers or regional distributors, and brokers or jobbers. 

It’s important to understand where you fit into this chain. The more sales volume you have, you will be able to move up in the supply chain getting better wholesale volumes and lower rates.


Tips for Finding High-Quality Wholesale Bedding Suppliers

There are many ways you can go about seeking reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Below you will find a few of the tips and tricks you should keep in mind on your search. 


Talk to Others in Your Industry

If you are in contact with other retailers in your geographic area, you should go and check out what they’re selling. You can tell a lot by looking at their stock and what is popular to give you a sense of what you should be modelling after. If you feel comfortable, talk to the business owner about where they source their stock and ask them for bedding manufacturer and supplier recommendations.


Look at Online Directories for Local Suppliers

There are tons of online directories that can help you find lists of suppliers for all types of products. By using directories it’s easy to find local bedding manufacturers and distributors as well as information pertaining to them. In addition to local wholesale suppliers, you can also check out industry association websites. 


Contacting Wholesale Suppliers

Once you have a good list of wholesale bedding distributors and suppliers, you can start contacting them. To make these interactions as productive as possible, here are some questions you should ask:

  • What is their minimum order requirement?
  • What are their wholesale unit prices?
  • What region do they supply?

You can contact them initially by phone or email, and then follow up later if you would like more information or to move forward. To find the best match for your business you should be upfront about what your needs are and don’t try to inflate yourself to be bigger than you are. 


Get More Specific Online

If you’re using online search engines for research, don’t just search for general wholesalers or distributors. Be sure to search for your specific niche, and include specific keywords from your products. 

For example, “wholesale bedding suppliers”. You could also add more detail like product names, model numbers, or brand names. The more potential suppliers you find, the better you will be able to compare and get an idea of what normal industry prices are. It will also help you get competitive pricing. 


Join Industry Groups, Forums or Other Professional Networks

Other business owners in the retail industry can provide you with the best sources of information about wholesale distributors especially when it comes to bedding manufacturing. However, many won’t be trusting or eager to give this information to you right off the bat. Take the time to network and build connections in the industry.


Are You Interested in Selling Wholesale Bedding Products?

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