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Decorative Cushions Basics: Finding the Perfect Stuffing for Sofa Cushions

by Mitchell Chitiz

Decorative throw cushions and pillows are a great way to spruce up a bedroom or living room without breaking the bank or labouring over a new paint job.

But other than the style of pillow or cushion, you should also be thinking about other factors, like what the cushions should be stuffed with to achieve your perfect level of comfort. After all, looks aren’t everything! Decorative sofa cushions should be more than just decorative. 

At Westex, we want customers to achieve form AND function in their homes so we put together a guide to help you make sure that the decorative cushions you choose not only look good, but feel good too. 


What is the Perfect Pillow Stuffing for Sofa Cushions?

Along with the endless style options, there is a huge variety of stuffing available for decorative throw pillows too! You can start to think about your pillow’s stuffing as its character. You can choose from any number of stuffing options to suit your preferences: soft or firm, low or high loft, it’s really up to you!

For example, if you see yourself using your decorative pillows for napping, you’ll want to go for a softer stuffing like polyester. On the other hand, if you need to use them to prop up your laptop while you work from the couch, you’ll want to go with something firmer that will hold its shape like a feather fill. 


Style Tips to Keep in Mind

Stick to a cohesive colour palette. Try not to stray away from it once you do establish one. You don’t want your sofa to look like a rainbow threw up on it. Choose shades that complement one another, or are in the same shade for best results. 

One simple print, one busy print and one solid colour. This is the formula to use if you are having a hard time choosing prints. Your busier prints should be for larger pillows, as these will act as the focal point. For unique patterns check out the Westex cushion collection.

Bold solid colours should be used if you have large pieces of furniture that already feature prints. This is to prevent the room from looking too busy.

Textured pillows add interest when you are unable to use patterns, or if you simply don’t like the way patterned decorative pillows look.

If you find yourself short on ideas, why not check out our throw pillow trend forecast for 2021!

Inside Westex’s Decorative Cushion Collection

While style is important for cushions, so is substance. That’s why at Westex we make sure all of our decorative cushions and throw pillows are pieces that will add colour and comfort to your home. We use a range of eco-friendly filling options including feather, polyester, and recycled polyester. 

In fact, one of our biggest initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint is our collection of recycled polyester decorative throw pillows and cushions. Each cushion is filled with polyester made from approximately 25 recycled water bottles.


Westex uses recycled microgel and polyester as part of their eco-friendly decorative cushion collection

At our manufacturing factory, our team has the capacity to manufacture over 8,000 cushions a day in various sizes, styles, colours, and textures. So, regardless of style or comfort preference, we’ll have a sofa cushion to suit. 


Are You a Retailer Looking to Add Wholesale Decorative Cushions to Your Collection?

If that’s the case, please fill out one of our contact forms here and get in touch with us. Our expert staff are happy to help you with any questions you might have about wholesale decorative cushions.