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Why Homes Need a Heavy-Duty Ironing Board Cover

by Mitchell Chitiz

Ironing shouldn’t be a time-intensive activity. But without the right ironing board cover, it will be.

Your ironing board cover can make a huge difference in improving your ironing process. It can speed up how fast you can get your ironing done, while also making the process easier and smoother. For the best results, you’ll need to invest in a great ironing board cover. 

Below, we will show you why you should only consider buying a heavy-duty, heat-resistant, and high-quality ironing board cover.


Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Heavy Duty Ironing Board Cover


Longer Lasting and Durable

Ironing board covers should feature some sort of padding on them to act as a barrier between an item of clothing and the ironing board itself. 

Most ironing board covers will feature a foam lining, which can get flattened over time and will need to be replaced eventually. A heavier fiber lining is the better choice and assists with durability. Some heavy-duty covers even feature both a foam and fiber lining. This will help it hold its shape for a longer duration than a cover with no lining or just a foam lining. 


Quickens Ironing Time

Most heavy-duty ironing board covers will help make the ironing process easier and quicker because of the smoothness that they provide. 

A thinner cover might not protect clothes adequately from the mesh texture of an ironing board, resulting in a grid pattern on clothing items if accidentally pressed too hard. By choosing an ironing board cover that’s high-quality, it will help customers get rid of wrinkles much faster and quicker compared to using a lower quality ironing cover. 


Water and Stain Resistant

Heavy-duty ironing board covers are generally water and stain-resistant because of the materials that they consist of. If a customer runs a spritz or steam function often on their iron, they won’t need to worry much about ruining their cover or dampening clothes too much when using a heavy-duty cover.


Heat and Scorch Resistant

Some ironing board covers, such as the Westex European Ironing Board Cover, may also feature a section of silicone. As a material, silicone is known for being heavy-duty, heat and scorch-resistant. 

Saying that many ironing board covers are now coated to ensure that they are heat-resistant. These types of board covers reflect heat, which aids in making the ironing process quicker and ensures that there is no risk of burn marks. 


Less Replacement

If customers do a lot of ironing during the week, they will wear their iron board cover out faster. This is especially true if they haven’t yet invested in a high-quality, heavy-duty cover. 

If a customer only irons once a week, their ironing board cover would need replacing once every three years. But if they iron any more frequently than that, customers will need to replace their cover way sooner. 

All of this headache can be solved with the use of a high-quality ironing board cover. Poor quality or damaged ironing board covers that need to be replaced can result in poor results. In the worst-case scenarios, it can even cause stains or even damage to clothing.

An ironing board cover is one of the most essential parts of ironing, they are an extremely helpful tool in improving the ironing process, as long as it is heavy-duty, stain and water-resistant, and is of high-quality.

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