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Luxury Bedding: What is a Microgel Duvet?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Many retailers are recognizing the need to offer numerous choices to their customers, especially when it comes to homeware items. The rise in customer-driven shopping is going nowhere. So, how can retailers keep up with changing trends? By offering multiple duvet, comforter, and pillow options. 

There are various Down-Alternative duvets and comforters available on the market. We’ve spoken before about the benefits of bamboo bedding as a duvet choice, but one other option is a Microgel or a Recycled Microgel duvet. 

Below, we’ll outline the features of a microgel duvet, how it differs from Down duvets, and why retailers should consider stocking this Down-Alternative duvet in their stores. 


What is a Microgel Duvet?


A microgel duvet or comforter is filled with synthetic fibres that can emulate the comfort and luxury that Goose and Duck Down offer. Microgel filling (made out of polyester fibre) is known for being similar to that of silk due to the fibres being so fine. As a result, this improves the loft power of a microgel duvet making it feel more Down-like. 

This Down-Alternative duvet option is known for being budget-friendly making it a favourite among those customers that want the luxury of Down but without the price tag. However, that isn’t the only benefit that it can offer consumers.


Features of Microgel Duvets

While its price point certainly ticks a box, that is not the only consideration that consumers are looking for when purchasing a duvet or comforter. They also want a product that they look forward to snuggling up under each night. 

If that sounds like a request you’ve heard from your store’s customers, then these features are sure to satisfy their needs:

  • Comfort - The synthetic fibres that microgel duvets are filled with have been compared to that of Down and silk. These duvets feel luxurious to the touch while the fill is soft enough to cradle consumers as they sleep. As these fibres retain their shape easily, consumers don’t need to worry about their duvet becoming limp or lumpy.  
  • Hypoallergenic - Many Down-Alternative duvets, especially those filled with microgel, are perfect for those individuals who suffer from allergies. At Westex, both the fill and cotton sateen duvet shell are treated with antimicrobial treatment during the manufacturing process. This ensures customers can sleep in an allergen-free bed. 
  • Easy to Maintain - The maintenance of microgel duvets is nothing to be feared. Consumers can easily maintain these products without the need for professional help. Simply put into the washing machine on a warm, delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. 

Westex’s Recycled Microgel Collection 

As wholesale bedding manufacturers, we understand the importance of producing products that are mindful of the environment. Along with our Sleep Solutions Microgel Down-Alternative duvet, we also offer a Recycled Microgel pillow collection. 



Our recycled microgel pillows are plush and cozy while also reducing waste making them great choices for the sustainable and eco-conscious consumer. One pillow that we manufacture uses approximately 30 plastic bottles - meaning that 30 fewer plastic bottles are polluting our environment and oceans with each pillow sold. 

Interested in Stocking Down-Alternative Bedding? 

If you’re a retailer looking for more information about microgel duvets and pillows, or other types of Down-Alternative bedding, get in touch with our team today. We are proud Canadian bedding manufacturers and work with a wide range of home décor stores across North America and internationally.