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Which Type of Down Duvet is Best for Summer?

by Mitchell Chitiz

For many buyers, a duvet purchase is intended to keep them warm during the coldest months - especially important if you live in North America! However, many customers are looking for a duvet that can keep them comfortable in summer, or better yet, all year round. 

Since many duvets are sold on their ability to keep in the heat, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the best option for summer. As Down duvet manufacturers, we’ll give our recommendations for the best duvets suitable for summer. 

What Makes a Good Summer Duvet?

Whether a duvet is good for summer depends on a few factors that customers should always keep in mind when purchasing a warm-weather duvet. Firstly, any summer duvet should be breathable, whether it’s a Down comforter or filled with synthetic fibres. This means that air can pass through the duvet, and you don’t end up stifled underneath. 

A good summer duvet should also feature some level of “moisture-wicking”. This means that it moves moisture towards its outer layer and dries quickly. For the sleeper, this means that they don’t end up feeling like they are drowning in sweat through the night.


Best Down Summer Duvet Option

As part of our Down duvet collection, our team at Westex manufactures a range of all-season Down comforters that will keep your customers warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. 

Our All-Season Down & Feather Blend Comforter is the perfect summer addition to your customers’ bedding collection. Made using a White Duck Down and feather blend and encased in a 100% combed cotton shell, this comforter offers a high fill power rating providing it with effective temperature regulation properties throughout each season. Our all-season Down duvet is manufactured in our Toronto facility and is treated with Allernon-21 Ultrafresh technology to protect against staining and unpleasant odours. 

Down-Alternative Summer Options

As Down duvet manufacturers, we’re always ready to preach the good word of comfortable Down. However, some customers prefer a Down-Alternative option.

The good news is there are many alternatives to Down comforters. For example, bamboo duvets are hypoallergenic and offer amazing moisture-wicking abilities meaning customers can stay cool even in the warmest of summer months. These Down-Alternative comforters and duvets are best for summer as they are lighter and cooler. 

Synthetic Choices

Some customers prefer the savings that synthetic Down fillers provide. Not only are Down-Alternative products considered cheaper than that of those filled with Down, but synthetic fillers are also eco-friendly, especially in the case of bamboo bedding, and they are hypoallergenic. 

Generally, when looking for synthetic duvet fill for the summer, you’ll want to choose a polyester fibre fill, also known as a microgel duvet, as they are known for being very lightweight, and a good choice for the hotter months.


Interested in Hearing More About Westex’s Duvet and Comforter Collection? 

At Westex, we are a proud manufacturer of both Down and Down-Alternative duvets and comforters. If you are looking to expand your home décor product offering, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.