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Are You a Back Sleeper? These are the Pillows for You

by Mitchell Chitiz

If you sleep on your back, this is the article for you! Like most health products, each person has specific needs that should be met by the product they buy - the same is true for pillows. Each sleep style requires a certain pillow design in order to achieve a good night’s rest. 

Shopping for pillows may seem complicated, with many styles and materials to choose from, but we have the go-to guide for buying the best pillows for back sleepers. 


Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

When shopping for the right pillow, there are a few considerations you’ll need to make. The first is determining your sleep style. Once you’ve confirmed you’re a back sleeper, you can move on to the more detailed questions.


Best Firmness for Back Sleepers

Firmness level is very important when choosing the right pillow for back sleepers. If you choose a pillow that’s too firm, you’ll find yourself struggling to get comfortable or even fall asleep. As a back sleeper, you want to choose a pillow that’s soft to medium in firmness. Not quite the softest pillow, but not dense either.


A person checking pillow firmness

Best Pillow Support for Back Sleepers

Contrary to popular belief, back sleepers need less support than other kind of sleepers. When sleeping on your back, you are less likely to cause a neck or shoulder injury by sleeping in an awkward position. 

When laying on your back, your pillow should cradle your neck in a way that keeps it straight and comfortable. That’s why the best pillows for back sleepers are those that have a slight resistance, while remaining soft to the touch. 

If you sleep on your back, you’ll want to choose a pillow that’s soft, but offers very slight resistance. If you choose one with too much resistance, you’ll find it hard to get comfortable, and your neck may feel stiff. You want to be able to sink into your pillow while still feeling supported and safe.


Best Fill Type for Back Sleepers

When it comes to fill type, the best pillows for back sleepers are often made with either Down and feathers or synthetic materials. 

On the firmness scale, natural fill (Down and Down-Alternative) pillows can range from very soft to dense such as memory foam. A Down-Alternative pillow such as polyester fibre tend to sit somewhere in the middle making them a good option for back sleepers as they have a soft feel that’s both comfortable and supportive. 

Additionally, our triple chamber pillows which are made with Lake Brome duck Down and feathers come in medium to firm fill which are a beneficial choice for back sleepers as it offers various levels of firmness. Made with 100% cotton and a 400 thread count cover, this pillow provides soft, cozy comfort. 

If you have a different sleep style, you can read about the best pillows for side sleepers and the best pillows for stomach sleepers on our blog.

Down and Down-Alternative Pillows by Westex

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