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Best Pillow Arrangement Ideas for Your Bed & Sofa

by Mitchell Chitiz

When was the last time you rearranged your bed and sofa throw pillows into a pleasing design? Some of you have never done it. Others probably have tried it but many moons ago. It’s easy to overlook how much of a visual impact pillow arrangement can have when done tastefully. 

If you were to take plain, solid coloured throw pillows and place them in unique arrangements on your bed or sofa, that alone would create an aesthetically pleasing scene. With that said, we’ll take a look at some pillow arrangement ideas for your bed and sofa, designs which can make them exciting to look at.  


Pillow Arrangement Schemes for the Sofa 

Creating a pattern or scheme with sofa pillows is a must-try. Think about it, when you come home to relax or have guests over, the sofa is where R&R happens. Now it’s one thing to have a nice couch or set of seats, but a well-chosen pillow arrangement can capture the attention of anyone who looks at it. How?


Key Tips for Sofa Pillow Arrangement  

Ideally, arranging your sofa pillows should incorporate some repetition of colour and/or pattern. The number of pillows you have - which will be determined by the size and type of furniture you’re garnishing - will influence your colours and patterns. If you were working with just two pillows, then a matching pair would be ideal. 

However, if you’re working three or more pillows, you can experiment a bit more. That means you can do more than just symmetrical arrangements and opt for a mix of colours and patterns. You could use throw pillows with contrasting colours that still complement each other together. You could also use ones with different shapes and textures and place them behind or in front of each other to create a hierarchy of sorts - there are many possibilities. 

Here are some examples of how you can arrange your decorative throw pillows based on the size of your sofa:


As you can see from the illustration above, the larger your sofa, the more throw pillows you can add to your “set”. This opens up a broader range of mixing and matching options, whether that be with colour, patterns or shapes. Don’t underestimate the possibilities of smaller arrangements though. Carefully chosen pairs (or trios) can be just as (or even more) dazzling than sofas with four or more throw pillows. 

Keep in mind that furniture size is not the only way to determine how you should arrange your furniture. You can also arrange your decorative pillows based on preset patterns such as the ones below:


Here, you can see that for a two-seater armchair, there are different schemes you can try depending on your style and taste. The point here is that there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sofa pillow arrangements. With that said, you might still need some design inspiration, so we’ve got you covered with some links below. 

Sofa Pillow Arrangement Ideas (Pinterest)

More Sofa Pillow Arrangement Ideas (Pinterest)


Pillow Arrangements Schemes for the Bed 


Now it’s understandable to think that pillow arrangements for your bed are a bit “much”. After all, the only people seeing your bedroom are you, your significant other and maybe the kids from time to time. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying a pillow scheme for the bedroom. 

Think about it - you wake up here, you fall asleep here, you relax and reflect here - you spend a lot of time in your bedroom! So why not give it some flair to create a mood, inspire creativity or just give you something nice to look at!


Key Tips for Bed Pillow Arrangement


First and foremost, it’s important to avoid clutter. Pillow arrangements for beds often involve a few pillows, but stacking too many together looks like a cluttered mess, so it’s best to keep things simple. The principles of arrangement for beds are not much different than they are for sofas, although a bed generally gives you less space to work with. 

Size and scale create a strong pattern on beds meaning you can mix and match pillows of different sizes. A standard arrangement is to put larger pillows at the back (against the bedhead) and smaller ones in front of them. 

Of course, colour comes into play with bed pillows as well. The choice of your pillow colours should somehow enhance the colour of your bedding, usually, by bringing those tones out. For example, you can use a brighter coloured pillow to contrast with darker bedding. 

Another option with pillow arrangements for beds is to mix plain ones with decorative ones. You can alternate between a decorative pillow with a texture followed by a plain one with a smooth surface and vice versa. 

Here are some examples of bed pillow arrangements below:


As you can see in the illustration above, there are multiple ways to coordinate your pillows. The legend shows how you can create an arrangement that mixes pillow sizes, colours, shapes and types, to style your bed into an artsy showcase. Don’t be afraid to experiment in a similar fashion. 

Bed pillow arrangement ideas


Products to Get You Started


You need to look for the right decorative throw pillows if you want to create a pleasing bed and sofa arrangement. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to appearance, size, style and more. You can go far and wide, looking in various stores to buy the different pillows, but it’s helpful to look at one source to find all the variety you need. 

Here at Westex, we produce a wide range of throw pillows that vary in style, shape and size, for both the sofa and bed. Take a look at some of our bed pillow and sofa pillow options and images of them below:

Westex decorative throw pillows

Westex pillows


Of course, there are many more options at your fingertips, but these are just a few pillows that we make which can be used for your bed and pillow arrangements. They are also high-quality, certified throw and bed pillows that include hypoallergenic options. If you’re looking to create some pleasing arrangements for your bed or sofa, make sure to give our product listing a check. 


Give Your Bed & Sofa New Look 


If you’re looking at your bed or sofa and see a boring or bland sight, don’t think that you need to replace it. All you might need to do is change your pillow arrangement, or create one if you don’t have any designs going on. 

There are many ways to create an aesthetically-pleasing design - you just have to be creative and experiment a bit to find your ideal look. Before you know it, your bed and sofa will look and feel brand new again with added flare!


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