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Best Decorative Ironing Board Covers for 2021

by Mitchell Chitiz

Ironing board covers are useful, attractive, and can help brighten up an everyday chore. But did you know that the best decorative ironing board covers also contain features that make your ironing more enjoyable and effective?  Here is our list of the top ironing board covers that retailers should be stocking on their shelves for 2021.

What’s in an Ironing Board Cover?

It may seem that all decorative ironing board covers are the same, but some of the best contain features to help protect your clothes and keep them looking smooth. 

Best for Heat

A quality ironing board cover will not only stand the test of time it will also make your ironing more efficient. It does this by redirecting the heat from the iron back at your clothes, so you are essentially ironing from both sides.  This feature makes your ironing go faster and reduces the risk of burn marks from applying more prolonged heat. 

The Westex European Ironing Board Cover also features a silicon-infused section on the top cover, which is scorch proof and heatproof. 

Best For Padding

Thin ironing board covers can flatten over time and leave you with little between your clothes and the metal mesh of the ironing board. Light padding can lead to metal marks if you press too hard with your iron and slow down your ironing speed. They will also need to be replaced much more quickly. A  3-layer ironing board contains foam and a layer of polyester fibre to protect from the heat and make the cover far more durable.  

The Delux Triple Layer Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover has a thick layer of padding that creates a smooth surface for your clothes and protects them from the surface of your ironing board.

Best For Grip

Now, why does an ironing board cover need grip to improve its performance? If you do a lot of ironing regularly, you will understand the importance of a cover that stays put. You don’t want to struggle against a cover that shifts and moves when you move your iron. An ironing board cover that has anti-slip properties will help you get the job done well and quickly. 

The Westex 4 Layer Ultra Supreme Ironing Board Cover features a 2” elasticized fitted skirt and two undercover fasteners to ensure your cover doesn’t slip while ironing.

Best Ironing Board Covers For Design

Ironing is a job that needs to be done regularly, and even if you only pull out the ironing board every once in a while, it needs to look good. New designs for 2021 are sleek and elegant, with colours and patterns that match any home decor. Find a design like the Laundry Solutions by Westex Compact Cover that reflects your mood or personality and let it brighten up your laundry chores. 

At Westex, we carry ironing board covers with a patented design. They contain three layers, which are:

  1. Cotton fabric that contains water repellent coating to protect from spray and steam and keep them directed at your clothes rather than soaking into the cover
  2. A thick foam layer to provide padding and protection for your clothes. This layer makes for smoother ironing. 
  3. 100% virgin polyester fibre layer reflects the heat back at your clothes for more efficient ironing. 

 A quality ironing board cover makes the job of ironing more efficient and enjoyable. The designs can brighten your day and protect your clothes, and a quality cover will last for years. At Westex, we stock quality ironing board covers that are long-lasting and help improve the ironing experience. If you are interested in stocking quality decorative ironing board covers in your store, contact us today.