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How to Pick the Best Ironing Board for a Laundry Room

by Mitchell Chitiz

Whether you like it or not, clothes aren’t going to iron themselves!

Every responsible homeowner needs an ironing board. Regardless of whether it is a first ironing board, or a customer is looking to replace an old one, follow this guide to help you make sure that the ironing boards you offer will fit your customers’ ironing needs.

An ironing board should make life easy; it should help your customer so well that they look forward to ironing. It is one of the most essential household items needed to maintain clothing and keep us all looking spiffy.

As a retail buyer, it is important not to stock any old ironing board in your store. Instead, you should keep a few things in mind that will help customers choose the best ironing boards for their needs. Check out these guidelines to keep in mind when looking to partner with an ironing board supplier.


Type of Ironing Boards

There are a few main types of ironing boards on the market today. The size of your customer’s space will ultimately determine what type of ironing board they should get. 


Freestanding Board

Freestanding boards are one of the largest options when it comes to ironing boards. They are best for those who have ample space in their laundry room and home and are great for those who iron often. Freestanding boards such as our European Designed Platinum Ironing Board usually have an adjustable height which makes them great for households that will have multiple people of varying heights using it. 

This can also come in handy for those customers who like to have the option of sitting and standing when they iron. This type of ironing board offers the best surface because they typically have a mesh surface that allows steam from an iron to go through the board and evaporate. 

Compact Ironing Board


Compact ironing boards are perfect for small spaces


Compact ironing boards are great for smaller apartments or college students. They are designed to be small, hence their name, and they come in handy for ironing out smaller items. They’re great for those with limited storage space and they can also be placed on top of freestanding ironing boards to add height. 

Westex’s Compact Ironing Board has a sturdy steel frame and legs for exceptional stability, an adjustable height of up to 32.6” inches, and includes an ultra-thick ironing board cover. This ironing board offers multiple benefits and is the perfect space-saving solution for those with smaller living space.


Built-in Wall-Board

Built-in ironing boards can be installed in a drawer or a thin space in the wall. They are great for those who need to save space in their home. Since they are built-in, they can be stored away conveniently and out of sight. Although one main disadvantage is that they are not portable like the other two types of ironing boards.


Weight of the Ironing Board

Modern ironing boards are much different from the ones manufactured in the early 1900s. Back then, they were made from heavy wood which made them incredibly sturdy, but also hard to move around.

These days, ironing boards are made from plastic, compressed wood material or steel mesh. These lightweight materials make them easier to set up, move locations and store with minimum effort.


Size of the Ironing Board

Ironing boards come in different sizes to cater to different types of clothing. For example, a customer may need to get an extended board to be able to iron some slacks versus a shorter one which could make things more difficult. 

The best size for your customers will depend on what they need to press, so the size of the board will be an important element in your decision-making when adding ironing boards to your stock.

If they have space, a customer might choose to go with a full-size ironing board which will give ample board space to do a whole host of things while still being able to iron smaller items. A full-size ironing board is typically 4 feet long and 12-18 inches wide. 

A compact model is convenient for small-sized apartments, small projects or touch-ups but not useful for full-sized pieces of clothing or linens.


Length of the Ironing Board

Both the width and length are generally important for the performance of an ironing board. However, width contributes to ease of use more than its length does. Also, a wider board will allow you to accommodate different ironing needs.


Height of the Ironing Board

Ideally, you will want to stock an ironing board with an adjustable height, especially if your customers will be sharing it with multiple people in their household. Luckily, most ironing boards on the market today include this feature. Ironing boards range from 28 to 36 inches in height. Some ironing boards will have a smaller adjustable range than others.


Level of Sturdiness

A customer’s potential ironing board must have a frame that is sturdy and durable. You wouldn’t want an ironing board to topple over amid ironing clothes or linens. While a lightweight ironing board is ideal for mobility, an ironing board should also have a sturdy frame so it won’t collapse or tip over easily.

Steel and aluminum ironing boards are usually the better options due to their durable qualities. A stable board is much better and makes ironing easier, and it can prevent accidents like boards falling onto small children or pets! 

Westex’s European Platinum Ironing Board features a child-lock system that is designed to make sure the board can’t disengage or collapse easily without the proper application. So, if you have small children running around you can be sure that they’ll be safe.


Ironing Board Covers and Padding

Having a good cover and padding for an ironing board is essential to getting good results. Most ironing boards come with a cover, but customers might want to switch it up to match their style or to upgrade it. There are many types of materials that ironing board covers can be made from! 

When you purchase a cover look for the following qualities:

  • A thermo-reflective material allows heat from your iron to be reflected to the garment for more efficient results while ironing. 
  • Fibre or cotton covers are stain and scorch-resistant and prevent the cover from being damaged by the heat. 

You can find an ironing board cover in any design or colour to match your customers’ unique style or hobbies.


Extra Features

Extra ironing board features help make the job easier and add an additional element of surprise and delight for your customers:

  • A sleeve attachment is a small board that is around 2ft wide that attaches to the main board and is used to iron out sleeves and small articles of clothing. 
  • An iron rest is built in at the wider end of the board and it expands the usable area for ironing, and also prevents your iron from falling off of the board.
  • A hanging rack also attaches at the wide end of the board, the rack is high enough for hanging newly ironed clothes.
  • A storage hook/organizer will keep your iron off the floor and all of your ironing tools together.


Purchase the Best Ironing Boards at Westex

When you’re a retailer of home goods and bedding textiles, it’s important to provide your clients with variety to accommodate their needs. 

If you are looking for the top ironing boards for yourself, or need to buy wholesale from an ironing board manufacturer, look no further! Westex has a great selection of high-quality, premium ironing boards, fashionable ironing board covers, and more.

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