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In Love with a Snorer? Get Them a Better Pillow

by Mitchell Chitiz

If your significant other (or some other family member) snores, you likely dread the moments leading up to bedtime. When they tell you “goodnight”, you might sigh and sarcastically tell them “goodnight!” And, when you wake up and they brag about how well they slept, you might sarcastically say “that’s good!”

Researchers estimate that snoring affects up to 57% of men and 40% of women in the United States. It even occurs in up to 27% of children. Of course, it’s more of a nuisance for those who lose sleep due to a family member who snores. The grating sound (which we need not remind you of) is not only frustrating to hear, but also a reason why many people simply have a hard time falling or staying asleep.

But there’s hope.

Rather than relocating to another room or sleeping on the couch all the time, you can help your family member (as well as yourself). It all boils down to choosing the right pillow that can help them overcome a dreaded case of snoring. Because truth be told, there is such a thing as a perfect pillow for snorers.


The Causes of Snoring

For some people, medical conditions are to blame for their snoring. The only way to treat snoring in such cases is for that person to manage their condition better. The usual suspects when it comes to conditions that cause snoring include sleep apnea, obesity, sinus congestion, respiratory conditions, and more.

If your partner suffers from any of these ailments, then relief from snoring (for both them and you especially) will have to come from the proper management of their conditions. However, if your partner doesn’t have a chronic condition, then the likely cause of their snoring is a combination of poor sleeping posture, body anatomy, and of course, the wrong pillow.

We’ll take a look at all three elements as they are interconnected. 


Poor Sleep Posture/Position

If you’ve heard your partner say something like “I don’t snore unless I sleep on my…”, give them some credit - they’re probably on to something. Certain positions/postures are known to aggravate snoring more so than others.

If your partner sleeps on their back, they are much more likely to snore (that applies to you too), and this is due to anatomical reasons (which we will discuss shortly). Sleeping on one’s side may also induce snoring, but it’s not as common.

Stomach sleepers are the least likely to snore, but this position isn’t ideal because it can throw your spine and back out of alignment. So, if your significant other sleeps on their back, that might be a big reason why you can literally hear their Z’s while they sleep.


Body Structures and Anatomy

To further understand how sleep posture affects snoring, it’s important to know the basic anatomy and function of breathing.

Snoring occurs when the upper airway vibrates from turbulent airflows during breathing while asleep. This is amplified by the fact that the soft palate and uvula vibrate when air passes through the throat, making the sound of snoring louder.

Things get worse when you sleep on your back as well. The airway is more likely to “collapse” since the weight of your neck and chest will press down, as well as gravity shifting these tissues into the throat, which blocks sufficient airflow.

Your body structures can further be impacted by conditions such as allergies or colds, which usually lead to mouth breathing due to nasal congestion. Mouth breathing causes the jaw to shift backwards, which causes further airflow disruption (and in turn, more snoring).


Type of Pillow

The third element (or cause) involved with snoring is the type of pillow a person uses. The short explanation here is that certain pillows can aggravate or alleviate snoring. The shape of a pillow can affect whether you snore or not, based on how it alters your spinal alignment, breathing patterns and the positions it encourages you to sleep in.

For example, some pillows are higher  in the centre, and they can prevent your head from rolling back. Other pillows provide more support thanks to their memory foam capability, which means that you'll have better neck support and better airflow as a result. The opposite is true as well - the wrong pillows will cause you to toss and turn and stifle a free flow of air throughout your body.


So What’s the Best Solution for Your Snoring Partner?

Assuming your partner doesn’t have a chronic condition, they need to be willing to accept that their snoring is very distracting. Having an awareness on their part is the first step to modifying certain sleep habits. So, that could entail trying to sleep on their side if they’re used to sleeping on their back.

But of course, these things are easier said than done. Your partner can easily roll over into a snoring position. Good luck if they’re sick or exhausted from a long day of work. The best thing you can do for them in such instances is to find the best pillow for snorers.


Best Pillows for Snorers

The best pillows for snorers should include the following qualities:

  • Hypoallergenic - When choosing a pillow to lessen snoring levels, pick a pillow that uses hypoallergenic materials. In some cases, sensitive sinuses can cause snoring to worsen and disrupt sleep patterns even more. At Westex, our range of Canadian Down pillows are not only extremely comfortable to sleep on but are treated using Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology to prevent the build-up of bacteria, odour, and mould.
  • Be ergonomic - An anti-snore pillow should also support the individual no matter what sleeping position they are in. That is why choosing a pillow that has an ergonomic shape is highly recommended. An ergonomic pillow means that your body is better positioned and more likely to achieve a restful night of sleep.
  • Align the head and shoulders - When the head and shoulders are not in alignment this can cause the airway to bend which will induce snoring. The best pillows for snorers should ensure that the head and shoulders can easily align. For example, our bamboo encased pillows are manufactured to ensure that filling is distributed uniformly throughout. This allows you to comfortably raise your head and sleep on your side, which is an ideal position to prevent snoring.


Snore No More

Snoring is no doubt a scourge that can leave people miserable. Millions of people go to bed and wake up frustrated because they heard their partner catch Z’s all night - at the expense of their own sleep!

But not all hope is lost. If your partner snores non-stop, you can help them (and yourself) sleep without the interruption.

First and foremost, encourage them to get a checkup to see if there are any underlying conditions that may be contributing to their snoring such as sleep apnea. If all is clear, then invest in a good pillow such as the ones we recommended above. You might finally silence the snoring for good, and get the sleep you deserve.