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The Advantages of Using a Private Label Program for Wholesale Bedding

by Mitchell Chitiz

For a product that is so soft and comfortable, being a bedding retailer involves a lot of hard choices. Trying to find the best Down duvet manufacturer to partner with can be difficult, as can be setting up the best deals for supply. This is why many retailers look to wholesale bedding manufacturers that offer Private Label Programs. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, don’t worry - we’ll explain all of the facts and advantages you need to know. 

What Is a Private Label Program?

In simplest terms, a Private Label Program works as follows: A retailer purchases a product from a third party for resale but sells that product under their brand or sub-brand. Rather than the manufacturer, it’s the retailer who gets to decide everything about product specification and packaging. 

Private Label Programs tend to be most popular in the Food, Personal Care, Clothing, and Fabrics industries. As far as consumers are concerned, the brand is firmly associated with the retailer from where they purchased the product. 


Advantages of Private Label Programs

As you can imagine, the biggest benefit of Private Label Programs is a greater amount of control. Retailers who use private label programs can take charge of some of the following factors:


Branding: By putting their retail name on a product, instead of a manufacturer’s, a store can ensure that customers associate the product with that location. The ability to control the packaging also means private label programs can make products better fit with your overall store brand.

Flexibility: Private label programs are unique in that they provide an opportunity for change. If they decide that their customers want new product features, they can tell their manufacturer to adjust the product as desired. 


Our Private Label Program

As major Down duvet manufacturers in North America, Westex is proud of our private label program. We are happy to work with your company to provide you with the Down duvet products that you need. 

Private label programs suit Westex’s goal to be dependable, reliable, and flexible. We want to be there for all of our retail partners, in any way. Whether you need duvets, pillows, decorative cushions, any other bedroom products, we are ready to help you build the brand you want.

Westex’s Private Label Program provides benefits above and beyond what you will find from other wholesale bedding manufacturers. We are a proudly Canadian company with a global pedigree, being one of the select manufacturers with the DOWNMARK® seal of quality. We are also the first company in all of North America to have introduced environmentally conscious recycled down duvets. 

Learn More About Our Private Label Program

At Westex, we are experts when it comes to everything related to bedding and home décor. If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with us, contact our team today. 

Our internal design team will be happy to collaborate with you to ensure that any products you order reflect your retail brand perfectly.