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Best Down Alternative Comforter Options for All Kinds of Sleepers

by Mitchell Chitiz

Do You Know What Kind of Sleeper You Are? Why This Matters for Bedding

We all have a favourite sleeping position but did you know that you also have a sleeping type? Everybody in the world sleeps a little differently in the sense that some individuals prefer to sleep in a cooler environment, while others prefer to be wrapped up warm and cozy.

The kind of sleeper you are is important for you to be aware of. Why? Because it can actually play a bigger role in your bedding choices than you think. Essentials such as comforters and duvets rely on you knowing your sleep preferences. If you’re the kind of person that wants a comfortable yet breathable sleeping environment, then this would act as an influential factor in your purchasing decision.

So, what are the different types of sleepers? There are three main categories: hot sleeper, cold sleeper, and the all-season sleeper. Below, we’ll discuss each one of these sleeper types and which is the best Down-Alternative comforter to suit that sleeping style.

Best Down-Alternative Comforter and Duvet Options For All Sleeper Types

Down-Alternative comforter options provide you with the best of both worlds - a material that is both sustainable and ethical while providing you with the qualities you need to match your sleeping needs. So, if you’re on the search for a bedding essential that will provide you with plush comfort and make you feel as if you are sleeping on a fluffy cumulus cloud then keep reading.

The Hot Sleeper

Do you often wake up with your duvet on the floor? Or do you have to sleep with at least one foot sticking out from under the sheets at all times? If this sounds familiar then you are more than likely a hot sleeper.

Those that are considered hot sleepers are best suited to a Down-Alternative duvet or comforter that provides luxurious comfort while also offering minimal heat retention. Bamboo bedding is perfect in this situation. As a natural material, bamboo offers heat-regulating properties thanks to its porous fibres being porous making it breathable. It also provides moisture-wicking abilities which adequately absorbs sweat meaning that you’ll stay dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Best Down-Alternative Duvet for Hot Sleepers: Westex Naturally Soft Bamboo Duvet.

The Cold Sleeper

A cold sleeper on the other hand searches for as much warmth and comfort as possible. These individuals may even layer their comforters with extra blankets to achieve the level of warmth that they require to sleep comfortably.

For these individuals, the best kind of Down-Alternative fill is by far a polyester fibre or microgel. This alternative material is not only affordable and very durable, but it is also a great insulator. It is a perfect alternative to natural down as it is very soft and feels just like down. While fill power will still play a big role in determining how warm your comforter or duvet will be, choosing a filling such as polyester fibre/microgel will guarantee that you receive the comfort, warmth and luxury that you deserve when you sleep.

Best Down-Alternative Comforter for Cold Sleepers: Westex Microgel Down-Alternative Duvet

The All-Season Sleeper

The all-season sleeper is someone who never runs either too hot or too cold while they sleep. These individuals prefer to have one single duvet that will suit them all year round regardless of whether the temperature is frightfully cold or blistering hot.

If you are an all-season sleeper, we recommend choosing a Down-Alternative duvet that is filled with a material such as silk. Silk, as a filling, is luxurious while also providing enough warmth when the weather gets colder. It is a highly breathable material meaning that you’ll receive plenty of airflow while you sleep and offers the added bonus of being hypoallergenic.

Best Down-Alternative Comforter for All-Season Sleepers: Sleep Solutions Organic Naturally Soft Silk Duvet

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Down-Alternative Comforter

Down-Alternative comforters and duvets often appeal to those that want a bedding essential that is easy to maintain, more affordable or is more sustainable than other alternatives. In order to select the best one for you, there are several factors that stand out: quality of material, size, weight, design, price and breathability.

Regardless of what kind of sleeper you are, make sure that when you are shopping for a Down-Alternative comforter you are asking yourself all the right questions and that you ensure it is ticking all your boxes. Doing so means that you’ll only invest in the one that is right for you.

The good news is that most Down-Alternative duvet and comforter options are fluffy, comfortable, cozy and allergen-free. So whether you’re a hot sleeper in need of a bamboo duvet or an all-season type of sleeper that requires silk, you know you’ll be sleeping comfortably all year round.