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Why Working with Reputable North American Manufacturers is Best for Retailers

by Mitchell Chitiz

North Americans care about quality. When it comes to high-standard manufacturing, both Canada and the United States have become hotspots, especially within the home décor and bedding industry. If you are a home décor retailer, searching for a manufacturer always comes with a lot of considerations. 

For many, the desire to save on costs makes them look into the international market. We’ll explain here why North American-made bedding and décor is the best option out there for retailers. 

Easier Shipping

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with North American manufacturers in Canada or the United States has become more and more attractive to many retailers. Whenever you deal with a national company instead of an international one, the worries about shipping are significantly reduced. 

Pandemics are not the only thing that can disrupt overseas shipping - weather, natural disasters, and embargos can all leave you panicking as you wait for a shipment that is late -  or sometimes lost for good. 

Shipping nationally has other advantages as well. It can often be much cheaper, as the goods have less of a distance to travel. It is also much easier on the environment. Every mile a product needs to travel will involve the creation of emissions. North Americans love our wonderful natural world, so it’s worth giving it some extra help. 


More Ethical

There are ethical upsides to working with national manufacturers beyond just environmental benefits. By keeping manufacturing with Canada and the United States, you can make sure that all of your goods are made under national labour standards. 

This is especially important when it comes to the home décor industry - garment and textile factories overseas often make the news for poor working conditions and safety regulations. Bedding from North American wholesale bedding suppliers can be purchased with much greater confidence.

You’re also helping the North American community and economy directly when you purchase from wholesale manufacturers based nationally. Every dollar you spend will turn into multiple local dollars. If you’re a proud North American, there’s no better way to give back to the economy.


More Reliable Products

The national labour laws don’t just protect the workers. The more stringent regulations on products mean that Canadian and American goods are held to more rigorous standards in terms of quality. 

Nothing is worse for a retailer than receiving a package shipped from overseas, only to realize that the product is in no shape to be given to consumers. By purchasing from trusted and reputable manufacturers, you can make sure that you have only the best product to give to your customers.


Better Flexibility

There is nothing more powerful for a retailer than a close working relationship with a reputable manufacturer. Many wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in North America can make custom orders when needed. If you have any issues, you can easily set up meetings to resolve them - or sometimes even tours of the factory.

Manufacturing in Canada and the United States is also renowned for its constant adaptability. Compared to overseas manufacturers, North American companies often put a lot of their budget into research and development. 

This means that your North American manufacturing partner is always coming up with new solutions for better products and better delivery. If you want a partnership that will always be there for you and evolve with you, close to home is the way to go. 

Westex is Proud to Be a Wholesale Manufacturer of Bedding and Home Décor Products 

At Westex, we are a proud manufacturer of both Down and Down-Alternative duvets and comforters. Our products are certified for the highest quality. If you are looking to expand your home décor product offering, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.