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Baffle Box Down Comforters: An Insightful Guide

by Mitchell Chitiz

Baffle box Down comforters are considered the best construction style for Down duvets by retailers and customers. 

In previous posts, we’ve looked into various options of construction for Down duvets. Today, we want to take an in-depth look at the baffle box Down comforter and discuss why they remain one of the most popular comforter styles among customers and retailer brands.

This post will look at how baffle box comforters are made and why they remain so popular.

What is a Baffle Box Down Comforter?

When it comes to the construction style of comforters, there are four basic types:

● Box Stitch: This is the most common style of duvet seen in department stores - the construct doesn’t let the Down move compartments, but you get cold spots where the stitching is sewn into place.

● Channel Quilt: A traditional duvet construction method; however, the Down can shift to the end of the channels over time.

● Ring Stitch: This construction style has large compartments where Down can shift and move around.

● Baffle Box - This style has paneled inner compartments that keep the down from shifting and eliminate cold spots.

Baffle box comforters are considered to be the best construction style by customers and retailers. The Baffle box Down style is a premium type of construction that is worth the extra cost.

Each one is made with special inner compartments with sidewalls of about 2.5cm in height,
creating separate chambers in the quilt. Think of it like tiny walls in an apartment building, each holding up space. These inner walls maximize the Down’s ability to loft and hold in warmth from your body.

Unlike box-stitched duvets, the shell fabric isn’t sewn together for each compartment but kept up by an inner baffle. This inner baffling eliminates cold spots and maximizes the loft of the Down for a comforter that will keep you comfortable for years.

How Baffle Box Comforters Are Made

At Westex, baffle box comforters are manufactured in our Canadian facility. The process starts with a shell made from 100% combed cotton. The shell is made of compartments that are sewn closed on three sides with a small opening left on one side. Each shell has between 20-40 internal compartments.

As Down duvet manufacturers, we use an industrial machine to fill the compartments with Down or Down-Alternatives. Each machine can be calibrated with a precise amount of filling for each compartment. The machine begins to fill the shell at the bottom and pulls the material through while inserting a precise amount of fill in each compartment. Once it is filled, the comforter is finished by a sewer and packaged for sale.

The Benefits of Baffle Box Construction

Down duvets are an investment, and customers want a quality product that will last for years. Baffle box construction ensures that the Down filling will stay where it needs to with the maximum amount of loft to provide a warm, cozy sleep without a lot of extra weight.

The large baffles also create a different look that is similar to a traditional channel construction - but without the shifting down.

Baffle box Down comforters can also come in different weights depending on customer’s needs and how they sleep. Many customers are particular about what type of fill they choose for their comforters for allergies and other reasons. No matter the filling, a baffle box construction offers long-lasting quality and exceptional sleep comfort.

Work With a Leading Down Duvet Manufacturer

At Westex, we are one of North America’s top wholesale bedding companies. We manufacture both Down and Down-Alternative comforters using baffle box construction. If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale bedding options for your retail store, talk to one of our team members today.