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Why All of Your Customers Will Be Looking For a Warm Down Comforter

by Mitchell Chitiz

As the winter months draw closer, it is only natural for customers to start looking for bedding items that will keep them warm and comfortable. After all, who doesn’t love curling up under a cozy comforter and blanket while watching a Netflix rom-com and sipping on hot chocolate? Similar to how you update your home décor offerings each season, the same goes for your bedding options too. Below, we outline the benefits of partnering with a Down comforter supplier that provides high fill power bedding for the winter season. 

Why Customers Seek Comfortable Bedding During the Winter Season? 

As the seasons change, there are certain requirements that we need to make so that our homes can stay comfortable during the colder months. For some customers, that means storing away their lightweight summer duvets and updating their comforter to one that is more suitable for the winter season. 

A winter comforter should be able to keep your customers warm and comfy without letting them overheat at the same time. When it comes to choosing a comforter for this season, there are two considerations that your customers will be making: 

  • Interior fill: The material that is used to fill a comforter can make a dramatic impact on how warm and comfortable it is. Customers will be weighing up various options when choosing a heavy and warm comforter for winter. 
  • Fill power or loft: Similarly, your customers will be paying attention to a comforter’s loft or fill power. The higher the number, the warmer the comforter will be. 

  • For this reason, it is important that retail buyers think carefully about what types of comforters they stock in-store or online during the winter months. So, what is the best comforter for the winter months?

    Warmest Comforters for Winter: What Fill Should You Be Choosing?

    In the bedding industry, Goose Down comforters are considered the best option for those customers looking for a heavier comforter. However, there are other notable Down-Alternative options that are just as capable of keeping your customers cozy when the weather starts to turn. Below are our top recommendations for the warmest comforters for winter. 

    Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down Comforter

    Westex bed

    Goose Down is a naturally lightweight, yet cozy fill option for duvets and comforters. Not only is it durable and of high quality, but it is also great for temperature regulation. 


    Similar to a sponge that traps water, Down clusters trap air and heats it up. This fill option then releases excess warmth and moisture at a relatively slow rate making sure that your customers stay warm all night long.  For this reason, it is considered one of nature’s best insulating bedding materials. 


    At Westex, we work closely with Down suppliers across Europe and locally within Canada to source the best Down fill. We have access to a limited supply of Hutterite Down which we use in our Luxury-Premium Weight Down Comforter. Filled with 100% certified Hutterite White Goose Down, this product offers a 400 thread count, a 675+ loft, and carries the DOWNMARK® quality assurance label. 

    Bamboo Down-Alternative Comforter

    Westex bamboo duvet

    For those looking for alternatives to Down comforters, there are many great options on the market. However, one, in particular, that is guaranteed to keep your customers cozy and comfortable during the winter months, is a bamboo comforter


    Naturally hypoallergenic, this material has become a popular comforter fill choice for those that are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly bedding products. One of the core reasons that we recommend this Down-Alternative option to retailers looking for warm comforters, is due to the material’s natural temperature regulating properties. 


    Bamboo fibre has many micro-gaps and holes making it a breathable and well-ventilated material. As a result of this, this Down-Alternative comforter works with your customer’s natural body temperature to keep them warm and comfortable all night. 


    This option is perfect for those customers who worry that a winter comforter will cause them to sweat too much. That’s because bamboo fibres naturally wick away both excess heat and moisture. Once customers get too hot, the comforter will encourage their sweat to evaporate, cooling them down to a more comfortable level of warmth. 

    Down Fill Power: Why It Matters? 

    If you are choosing to stock heavy Down comforters in your store, it is vital that you pay attention to Down fill power. A comforter’s Down fill power rating refers to how warm it will be. Choose a fill power that is too low, and the customer won’t be kept warm. 


    Down comforters can have a fill power rating anywhere between 400 and 850. This number refers to the quality and fluffiness of a Down product. While a Down comforter with a low fill power isn’t necessarily of poor quality, it isn’t the best choice for someone looking to stay warm during the winter months. 


    If you want to ensure that your customers are buying heavy Down comforters that will keep them toasty all winter long, make sure to choose comforters with the following Down fill powers: 


  • 600 to 800: This fill power is quite common among Goose Down comforters. It ensures that the comforter will be heavy and warm without feeling like too much weight on the customer’s bed.
  • 800 and above: A fill power of 800 and more is considered the heaviest comforter that a customer can purchase. These Down comforters are extremely warm and are often recommended for those living in extremely cold regions such as Russia or Canada. 

    While there are all-season duvets that feature a Down fill power, lower than 600, you should still stock winter comforters. Make sure that your store provides winter comforters that your customers will adore by aiming for a Down fill power of 600 and higher. 

    Looking for Heavy Down Comforters This Winter? 

    Are you a retailer looking to update your bedding with some of the best in heavy Down comforters and Down-Alternatives? Our team at Westex offers a wide range of comforters that will match your customers’ needs regardless of the time of the year. 


    To discuss partnership opportunities or to hear more about our product collections, reach out to us today. We are proud to be a leading bedding manufacturer in North America.