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What Retailers Need to Know When Stocking Mattress Toppers

by Mitchell Chitiz

For customers to be happy with a product, retailers need to supply them with products that will satisfy their needs and wants. Below, we discuss what retail buyers must know about mattress toppers before stocking them, from how to know whether they are good quality to whether they will provide the comfort that customers are looking for.

Mattress Toppers: Can Retailers Go Wrong When Stocking This Item?

Retailers are given the ultimate responsibility to stock luxury bedding items that will keep customers coming back time and again. Make a bad pick and you run the risk of customers searching for products elsewhere.

Regardless of whether it is a Canadian Down duvet or a pillow, retailers are always at risk of ordering products that their customers won’t be interested in. The same applies to mattress toppers. As a bedding product, mattress toppers are designed to provide a level of support to a bed, but also, added luxury and comfort. If the product you decide to stock doesn’t tick these boxes, then you can guarantee it will either sit on the shelves of your warehouse or be returned by a disappointed customer. 

As a retail buyer, you must carry out due diligence and ensure that you know exactly what criteria customers are expecting mattress toppers to fulfill. Once you have done this, you can work confidently with your wholesale bedding manufacturer to supply a product that your customers will love. 

Signs of a High-Quality Mattress Topper: What to Look Out For

There are three criteria that all mattress toppers must be graded on. These are: material, thickness, and quality. When a consumer is looking to purchase a mattress topper for their bed, these are the requirements that they will be basing their decision on. If the product doesn’t tick these boxes, your customer will be shopping elsewhere. 

Now, we know that you don’t want that to happen. So, these are the questions that you should be asking a bedding manufacturer before submitting your order. 

  • Material - Enquire about which materials they use when manufacturing mattress toppers. These products can be made from various materials including latex, memory foam, and in some cases wool. Here at Westex, we use both Down and Down-Alternative materials to suit all of your customers’ needs. Our Down and Feather Mattress Topper offers next-level luxury comfort. Made with Canadian Hutterite Down and Feathers and a 100% cotton shell, this hypoallergenic mattress topper will help your customers feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. 
  • Thickness - Asking about thickness is also very important. A good mattress topper should provide enough thickness to mask any lumps that may be in a customer’s mattress. If the topper is too thin, then it will fail to do its job. Ideally, you should be looking for a mattress topper that is between 2 and 4 inches thick. 
  • Quality - Lastly, you will need to enquire about the manufacturer’s quality control and assurance system. There are many suppliers in the bedding industry that claim their products are of a high standard when really, the products are below par. At Westex, we have an extensive quality control process that has been verified by Bureau Veritas.
  • Advice for Retailers: Why You Should Always Work With a Reputable Bedding Manufacturer

    The key to satisfying your customers is providing them with the products that they want and need. To do that you must always make sure that you’re working with a reputable bedding manufacturer who can deliver the quality of products that you are searching for. 

    Mattress toppers make excellent additions to any customer’s bed - so long as they deliver on what they promise. By working with a reputable manufacturer, you can ensure that they are not only meeting your standards, but the standards of your customers too. At Westex, we are happy to work closely with you to provide you with the products that best fit your brand and target customer audience. 

    For more information on our mattress topper collection or to discuss partnership opportunities, contact us today and we’ll be happy to  answer any questions you may have.